With the oncoming warmer season, it’s time to dust off the barbecue and pull out the patio set. However, once the old furniture is brought out for the new season, it may no longer appear in guest-ready condition, forcing would-be hosts to go elsewhere for outdoor seating. They rapidly realise there are several options available to them. The materials, designs, and options available might be daunting to anybody shopping for outdoor furniture for the first time. If you’re looking for new dining and lounging furniture for your outdoor area, keep reading for some pointers to help narrow down your choices.

Your deck or patio may seem more like an extension of your home with well-designed outdoor furniture. With a weatherproof table and chairs, you can enjoy a meal al fresco, and rocking chairs may turn your porch into an outdoor living room with a skylight ceiling. Thinking about the primary functions that will take place in your outdoor area is the first step in selecting the proper furnishings. Which sounds more appealing: dinner on the balcony or a night before the fireplace? Do you plan to organise huge parties or prefer more intimate gatherings? If you answer these questions, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about what to purchase.

Choose Your Materials

When furnishing your house or yard, choose items made of low-maintenance materials and colours that go well with the surroundings. Numerous alternatives exist.

  • Natural wood: It is durable and pleasant to sit on, but it has to be regularly maintained and treated with preservatives to prevent damage from the weather and ultraviolet rays. Choose redwood, teak, cedar, or cypress, which do not rot quickly in the rain and snow, for low-maintenance outdoor furniture.
  • Made of rattan and wicker: Casual and inviting, a deck with natural materials like rattan and wicker will need to be refinished every few years to withstand the elements. The resin coating on synthetic rattan and wicker makes them survive far longer than the real thing.
  • Iron and steel: Although both are pretty strong, they need padding to be comfortable. Outdoor use is encouraged, although they should be coated or treated regularly with a weatherproof finish to avoid corrosion.
  • Metals, Plastics, and PVC (or PVC): All you need is some soap and water to keep these rust-free, lightweight, cheap, and low-maintenance materials looking like new. The lightweight design, however, may need additional precautions during severe weather.

Longevity is not an issue with furniture constructed from these materials. You should still put the furniture away for the winter if you want it to last as long as possible, regardless of how well it stands up to the elements. Before making a purchase:

  • Take inventory of your storage space.
  • Try out the chairs and the umbrella by sitting in them and raising and lowering them before making a final decision.
  • Make sure it fits your needs and feels good to use.

Quality Control

Don’t automatically associate a high price with high quality while buying. So, how can you recognise high-quality pieces of furniture?

  • Continuity in the end product. For example, the bottom of a tabletop should be as flawless as the top. Metals that have been painted should have a consistent sheen. The wickerwork on your frame should be tight and not unravelling at all.
  • Fitting together well, the joints are tight. Welds in metals should be relatively smooth. Ensure there are no rust patches or exposed, unpainted regions on the metal.
  • Chairs should not sway or bend excessively (some flexibility is OK, especially on tubular metal chairs designed to be springy). Following the table’s assembly, repeat the process.
  • Check the policy on returns and exchanges at the store. If any parts show up broken or unfinished upon delivery or pick-up, you’ll have something to fall back on.


Purchasing high-quality patio outdoor furniture is a wise move. However, to fully appreciate the convenience and beauty of your newly minted outdoor spaces, carefully consider the many materials and items at your disposal.


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