The last available data of cosmetic surgery performed in Australia from 2018 was 202,642, including those surgeries from Sydney. With several information and speculations around Australia regarding facelifts and the alternatives, it may be difficult to separate reality from deception. You want to find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding face lift in Sydney, from identifying whether a facelift is suitable for you to achieve excellent results and on how to look for the right surgeon to help you.

Recently, it has been suggested that doing specific facial exercises may tighten and tone your face in the same way that working out at the fitness centre can tighten and tone your biceps and stomach. But, unfortunately, these two alternatives are not comparable.

Repetitive facial activities can exacerbate symptoms of skin aging such as wrinkles, sagging, and lines in the skin, and no level of face exercise will be able to eliminate these prominent indicators of age.

To know when it is the right time for a facelift

Botox and breast implants were the most desired surgeries among Sydneysiders in 2018. So, how would you know whether it is time to get a facelift? If facial workouts are no longer working, if the look of deep lines, sag skin and wrinkles is affecting your self-esteem, or if less invasive therapies are no longer working, a facelift could be the most excellent remedy.

There are no age limitations for obtaining a facelift. As long as you are in excellent health, anyone of any age might be a potential candidate for this surgery.

What about the recovery period?

Think about taking it slowly during the first few days following your facelift and getting anyone else available to assist you. The average recuperation time is around ten days, but sutures are often removed right after the first week. From the two-week mark, most people immediately feel safe returning to their usual activities.

Will the effect last long?

Although no cosmetic surgeon can promise the exact amount of time that the results may last, the benefits of most plastic surgeries often persist for years before requiring a touch-up. To extend the life of your results, avoid the sun, apply sunscreen, eat a proper diet, and consult with a skincare specialist over what products are best for your skin.

Up to April 2021, the numerical value of injectables utilised in cosmetic clinics around Australia tripled from the previous years. Therefore, you should consider injectable treatments in your usual skincare method for best skin health after getting your first facelift in Sydney.

What qualifications should you seek in a cosmetic surgeon?

In Australia, 90% of cosmetic procedures are provided on women, and if you believe a facelift is suitable for you, the first step is to find a licensed plastic surgeon. When refining your options, look for their certification and substantial expertise in conducting plastic operations such as facelifts and eyelid surgery. Also, it is a great idea to set up an in-person appointment with your top three choices to assist you in making the final choice.

When you have had family members or close friends who have undergone facelifts, this might be an excellent place for you to start. First, check whether they were happy with their surgeon. Then, do your homework and choose a surgeon with whom you feel secure.

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