CBD companies that have created a healthy version of the gummies are now in almost every country on the face of the planet. We’ve seen them, we have probably even tried them but there are a few things about them that we yet have to learn.

Things such as how to store them once you have opened them up, or if they expire? And which ones are the best ones for us? Lucky for you, we have gathered some helpful information about these healthy treats to keep as a guide, as and when you need it.

Let’s begin with one of the most important aspects.

Storage of Your CBD Gummies

As per the guidelines provided by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), in general when it comes to the storage of food, you should always make sure you store it safely so it lasts and you don’t risk getting sick after eating expired products. With edibles, it’s the same logic.

You can store your food in different manner of ways, but the best way is to check for the correct information. The tips below can help you out:

In the fridge or freezer: if you abide by the ‘two-hour rule’ you should be safe. This applies to those items that need to be refrigerated. If left without freezing for more than 2 hours, it may get bad quicker than if you put it in the fridge immediately after buying it.

The same goes with things that are leftovers or the doggy bag you bring home after a meal at a restaurant. Click here for more on that. The freezer temperature also needs to be correctly adjusted. The general rule of thumb is for it to be below 40° F (4° C) for the fridge and below 0° F (-18° C) for the freezer.

Checking the labels for storage instructions: as with everything you eat, raw or cooked, you should be checking the storage instructions on the manufacturers packaging. You can store items such as meats, dairy and vegetables in the fridge or freezer, but never in the cupboards or pantry unless bought off the shelf as opposed to the cold section in the supermarket.

Notice food when it’s gone bad: if it smells or looks suspicious or off, throw it out. Listeria, which is a foodborne disease has a big chance of growing on food that has gone bad and can cause illnesses if left in a refrigerator above 40° F (4° C).

Another major issue is mould. This is a sure way of telling that the food has gone bad. If you get a foodborne disease you risk getting sick and the symptoms are unappealing. It can last anywhere up to 7 days and you can get a fever, feel nauseous, abdominal cramps, fatigue and more: https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/foodborne/basics.html

Storing CBD: another popular food item or edible that has caught the world by storm are CBD products, and not many people know how to store them, especially the edible versions like CBD Gummies.

Do these gummies Expire?

Yes, and when this happens you should be advised to throw them away. One way of telling us is that if they taste different, from when you first opened the bottle they may have started going stale. The original taste of CBD is nutty or earthy.

The gummies tend to have different fruit flavours so sometimes it can be hard to tell. But if the yellow one doesn’t taste like lemon, or the pink one does not taste like grapefruit, then you know for sure they have reached their expiry date.

It is not the best thing to throw them out, but it is the safest. The other thing to keep in mind is that, as time goes by they tend to lose their potency. This usually happens when they start losing their moisture levels.

The moisture in these sweets is the reason why they are so juicy and soft. Sometimes too much heat or air causes the cannabinoids in the treats to lose their effectiveness, rendering them useless.

According to popular CBD product online retailer, Cheefbotanicals keeping your stash as fresh as possible is the best thing to do once opened. Sometimes it can go stale if left opened, and other times it could melt or go stale and taste funny. The best way to store them is to keep them in a cool dark place like a cupboard, and this should keep them fresh for a longer time.

If you are buying a 100% natural product then you may not need to worry. The organic ingredients are usually as fresh as they can get but not all are created equally. On the other hand, if they last you much longer than they should, then that too may be a sign that they are not pure or organic, because they may have artificial preservatives, and additives added to them to make them last longer, and this is not a healthy alternative.

Many people find placing them in the refrigerator as the best option to keeping them lasting longer. There is truth in this and you can do this. If the temperature of your house is optimally cold, then keeping them in a cupboard is also fine.

If you’re going for a healthy lifestyle, the best thing to do is to purchase products like Kushe Bites that are – clean and healthy, otherwise, it defeats the purpose, and you may as well buy normal unhealthy sugar-filled gummies.

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