California is dubbed the Golden State because of its idyllic location near the Pacific Ocean with lots of sunshine. Californians are known for their fun, loving vibe; that’s why many songs like California Dreaming or Do You Know that Way to San Jose got inspiration from this vibrant state. Thus, it should not be surprising that California was the very first state in the US to legalize medical marijuana use in 1996.

On top of that, recreational cannabis was approved in 2016, giving many people a chance to visit a California dispensary to legally try out marijuana, weed, and pot. So if you feel you’re ready to take the first giant leap towards cannabis, pat yourself on the back. Besides, CBD is known to treat many health issues, from epilepsy to chronic pain. Apart from that, you can find stress relief and a good buzz from these products. But before you begin your journey, here are some tips you should remember:

  1. Seek Advice From a Budtender

When you visit a dispensary for the first time, speak with a budtender, the customer service agent working in a dispensary. This is important since marijuana has many strains with various purposes, dosing, and side effects. Besides, there are many consumption methods like hand pipes, water pipes, vaporization, ingestible oils, edibles, tinctures, topicals, etc.

Thus, you must learn how to use each product properly, whether inhalation or taking it orally. And by taking the time to learn, you can get your desired results. In the meantime, if you don’t want to smoke, there are many ways to enjoy marijuana products like gummies, lozenges, and brownies; all of these products will give you a powerful high with the right dosage.

  1. Be Sure to Schedule Your Hit

If it is your first time embarking on a cannabis journey, it would be advisable to have nothing planned later on. This is because some people end up feeling very tired and sleepy after their first weed experience. And you certainly don’t want to attend anything important when you feel heavy-bodied and sluggish.

For best results, it would be helpful to take your weed when you are relaxed and not rushed. A comfy seat, your fave comedy, and tons of snacks will ensure you get a stellar experience. And if you truly want to get the most out of your cannabis high, share your first time in the company of good friends.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water for Hydration

The human body is made of 75% water, so you must stay hydrated as you enjoy your cannabis. This is because using various marijuana products tends to dry you out. Hence, if you don’t want to feel parched after your first high, make sure you have a lot of water nearby.

For best results, drink as much as you can hold to ensure you don’t get dry, chapped lips after consuming marijuana. And once you are done, you should also drink water to cleanse your palate.

  1. Select the Best Starter Weed Products

If it is your first time using marijuana products, it would be advisable to go easy. For example, if you intend to smoke weed, go with a soft strain first. A potent one will be too strong, and it may knock you out. So go small and take baby steps during your first sessions so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Whether you need to take marijuana for medical reasons or you just want to do it for fun, it would be advisable to check the California dispensary website to scope out their menu. This will give you a short overview of what you can expect. And if you decide to visit a dispensary, have a friend with you so you can enjoy the experience even more.

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