Whiteboards, also known as dry-erase boards, are modern variants of conventional messy chalkboards. Besides schools, colleges, universities, you will find at least one whiteboard present in almost every office. Whiteboards are considered an ideal way to communicate, teach, create and innovate. Therefore, it is used in various organisations for brainstorming ideas, outlining projects, etc. There’s no denying that an ordinary lecture can become a well-prepared presentation if carried out on a whiteboard. However, a whiteboard can only be helpful to you when you have a good-quality whiteboard marker.

It has been too long that the markers stayed overlooked, but now the time has come to shed some light on the benefits of using high-quality markers. But before you jump on the benefits, here are a few things you should know before buying a marker for your whiteboard. Read on. There are a lot of brands available in the market today that claim to provide reliable, high-quality whiteboard markers. The problem is most people assume each of them is essentially the same.

The ink inside a marker is the single most crucial factor when determining what marker will give you the best value. This is because the ink is the primary determinant in the cap-off time; it determines how well the colour shows up, the odour it releases, and most importantly, how easy it is to wipe off from a surface. The truth is the ink used by different manufacturers can dramatically affect the overall usability and dependability of the markers. Hence, make sure the one you choose can deliver the quality you need while being safe to use for children and adults; they should be certified non-toxic and use low odour ink.

Benefits of using a whiteboard marker

Increased visibility

This benefit is pretty self-explanatory. Since these markers are used on clean, shiny white surfaces, the text with darker colour appears more highly contrastive than the black, green, or brown backgrounds. The vibrant colours on whiteboards appear natural to the eye.

Available in multiple colours

Whiteboard markers are available in a wide variety of colours, setting no limits to your imaginations. You can use any colour marker to write on your boards and make your presentation look as creative as possible. Different colour markers allow you to highlight key things, categorize things, and make things more understandable.

Easy to use and easy to erase

There’s no need to use those unpleasant wet cloth anymore to erase the dust marks, neither will you have to apply pressure when writing on boards. These markers are easy to use and easier to erase. You can use a hand towel, a magnetic eraser, or even your hand will work to erase everything you scribbled in just a single stroke.

Good for your health

These markers are an alternative to the dusty, messy chalks which were used for over a hundred years. These are better than chalk as they save you from various respiratory problems. What would be better than using less paper, fewer trips to copy machines, a dust-free writing experience?

Multiple uses

These markers are designed to work on non-porous surfaces, working well on metallic surfaces, mirrors, and glasses. There are many creative ways to use a whiteboard marker. You can use them for writing on your desks, window whiteboards, erasable board games, creating reusable workbooks, writing on the shower, drafting tables, car decals, vanity mirror notes, reusable notecards, and more. You need to ensure that you are not writing on a porous surface because it would be difficult to wipe off the marker from such surfaces.

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