In the past few years, digital signage installations in Australia have gone up by 40% and are not expected to stop anytime soon. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to continue at 9% through 2022. Currently, retail is the leading industry in Australia using digital signage, which makes up 25% of the sales, followed by QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), which makes up 20%. Further healthcare and corporate companies combine to 12%. Besides this, the finance and education sectors also occupy a significant portion of the digital signage market.

Installing Digital signage in Australia can bring a new life to any commercial environment. Whether it is a Hotel, Pharmacy, Boutique, Leisure Centre, Restaurant, Car Dealership, or Take-away, providing clients with eye-catching messages and information is vital. Suppose you haven’t got it yet for your business facility. In that case, it’s time to join your fellow enterprises in tapping into the power of digital signage to attract customers’ attention, boost sales and avoid the costs associated with static/ non-digital signage for presenting menus and promotions.

Moreover, print advertising does not have the attention-grabbing appeal it once had. Reason- there are so many distractions; hence they are more likely to notice a high-resolution digital display than a static, dull signboard.

Why digital signage?

Here are the six most undeniable advantages of getting digital signage for your business.

Captivating visual appeal

As soon as a customer walks into your store, office, or business, the first thing they notice is the bright, vibrant, animated digital screen. 75% of people state that digital signage is more captivating and memorable than traditional. This is because people are visual learners and that too with short attention spans, 4K graphics playing on HD screens can have a ten times higher impact on them than conventional banners or ad posters.

Empower the customers

There’s no denying that an empowered audience is always more satisfied and is more likely to become your paying customer. A brick-and-mortar business needs to ensure they have the required facilities to provide their customers with the information they need and make their purchases more confidently. This is where digital signage or interactive screens comes in.

Displays can be changed in a fraction of seconds.

If you have numerous stores located throughout the country with digital signage, you can change the displays on all the screens at the same time from one remote location. Yes! That’s true! This is the best advantage, especially when a company wants to launch a new product or announce an upcoming sale. You can create a new ad and deploy it across all your locations at a moment’s notice. It is the best way to keep your brand consistent across different areas.

Automated operations

Another appealing advantage of digital signage is its “set it and forget it” scheduling capabilities. You don’t need to trigger the changes manually; you can program the displays to change throughout the day. Automation in digital signage saves a lot of time and has simplified updating the screens, which was impossible with traditional static signage.

Better customer experience

Customer experience takes center stage in every business’s strategy. Probably in yours too! There are many ways to boost customers’ experience using digital screens. You can use it to convey important messages, in-store specials, advertisements, and promotions exactly when they are contemplating making a purchase. This will give the customers extra push to perform the desired action, that is, making a purchase.


Though you will require an initial cost for installing Digital signage in Australia, there will be no extra costs like printed menus, banners, and pamphlets. Hence, this signage helps you save a lot of money in the long run and increase revenue. Plus, you can use them to stream additional income by renting them to brands that will further complement the store’s operations.

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