What’s a POS System?

A POS, or point-of-sale system is all about optimizing your dispensary business. A POS system is where your customer makes a payment for the products at your store. Each time a customer completes a purchase, they are doing a point-of-sale transaction. POS is a core component of every business, as it involves sales, inventory, customer management, and more simultaneously.

Importance of a Payment Processing System 

An all-in-one cannabis payment processing provider enhances your overall customer experience with a comprehensive, automated system. Doing everything manually (with registers, QuickBooks, and Excel) is an outdated method that will have you falling far behind the competitors. Using a complete POS system, you can leverage the abundance of tools and data to confidently make the best business decisions. 

Advantages of an All-In-One POS System For Your Cannabis Dispensary Business

A point-of-sale system can benefit your cannabis business in several important ways such as:

Inventory Organization

Managing all of your inventory is critical in the marijuana business. Manually tracking all of the batches, concentrates, tinctures, and edibles are time-consuming and error-prone. Instead, you can leverage a POS system to crunch the numbers and display real-time updates. You’ll be able to see when stock is low and keep careful track of every gram in your inventory. A dispensary point-of-sale system makes it easier to track and organize your inventory, saving you hours, and preventing loss. 

Digital Marketing 

The best POS software has excellent operational tools, but it also includes helpful marketing tools. Look for a point-of-sale system with targeted email marketing and SMS notifications. You can use your POS to create special events for holidays and your community. Use SMS messaging to quickly notify patients of any limited deals or sales. Always look for a POS system that includes marketing CRM.

Powerful Loyalty Programs

Getting new customers is only one consideration for your dispensary business. Once you get customers, you definitely want to keep them. A loyalty program can entice customers to return to your dispensary instead of trying out a neighboring store. A modern POS will make it easy for you to implement a loyalty program and to track your current customers. You’ll be able to integrate all of the information about customer preferences into an effective loyalty program right from your POS. 

Sell Through Different Channels

The top dispensaries sell via multiple channels. Selling through different channels will help you reach more customers and provide an ideal customer experience. The best cannabis POS can help you sell through different channels, like an online store and mobile platform. As the marijuana industry grows and becomes more competitive, you’ll need to be able to sell to more than the customers that walk past your storefront. A modern cannabis POS will help you sell through multiple channels. 

Manage Multiple Stores

Many people in the canna-business look to own and operate several locations. But, to operate multiple locations successfully, you need a convenient solution that allows you to manage it all from one device. A POS system will help you analyze metrics, add inventory, manage staff, and track expenses for multiple locations. This way, you can easily take capital raising steps to boost your business’ growth. 

You may use your POS system to sync with digital signage or to display menus, specials, or ads. Manage playlists remotely and play music on multiple displays across multiple locations. Easily manage all of your locations right at your fingertips with the leading POS technology.

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