Beginning players may have different ideas about what games can be found in a casino – whether in a land-based or online casino. In the following text we would like to provide some facts and clear up any doubts. Before you decide to play in one of the casinos, it is useful to know what to prepare for and what to expect, as this is part of being an informed player. This is very important, so carefully read the following information – we invite you to read on.

Slots – the most popular games in casinos

There is no doubt that the first answer to the question posed to an experienced player – what games can be played in a casino – will certainly be “slots”. This is perfectly normal, since it is slots that numerically outnumber every other game, and the greatest choice players have is with slot machines.

Casino games are usually divided into slots and the rest of the options, which shows how popular they are. Not surprisingly, we also have many types of these games, and these include:

  • Bar slots: They are also often referred to as classic slots, as they are very simple and uncomplicated to play. They contain only a few symbols and are unlikely to have extras, so players can focus on the game and feel like first-time slot machine users. Every manufacturer has at least a few games of this type in its collection, so you’re sure to find something for you to start with.
  • Video slot machines: Simple slot machines can get boring, although they have many admirers. However, if you want to try something new, it’s best to opt for video slot machines. Here, manufacturers have room for improvement. Wondering what casino games containing video slots are? Firstly, they are very interesting because they come in many themes, have various bonuses, extras and more. If you are looking for an attraction, video slots will certainly provide it.
  • 3D slots: There are players who care most about the visual aspects, and this is completely normal – nowadays players can be as demanding as possible. If you are one of such players, then you have no choice but to try 3D slots. These are polished slots in every way with the highest quality of graphic design, soundtrack and special effects.

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Roulette is reached for by the vast majority of players for several reasons. First of all, roulette arouses a great deal of excitement. The many betting possibilities, the big wheel and the anticipation of the outcome make players eagerly decide on the next rounds. It is by far one of the most popular casino games. Roulette is available in many versions, and the three most popular are American, European and French.


Popular casino games also include blackjack. This is a card game, which in Polish terms is often called mesh, as players aim to get “21” from the value of all the cards in their hand. The person who gets the value as close to 21 as possible and does not exceed it, wins. The game is played with a dealer against whom you can place your bets. Playing blackjack requires a lot of commitment and knowledge.


Poker is a game rather for those who have been in the subject of gambling for a long time. It is a card game that requires a developed strategy, knowledge of the depth of the game and quick reactions. Many experts believe that it is one of those games in which a psychological attitude is important. There is a reason why the expression “poker face” exists – it is in this game that we must confuse our opponents and under no circumstances can we show our true emotions.

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