Everyone wishes to be youthful forever. However, when you tend to age, your facial muscles, especially those around the eyes, will sag and droop. The facial muscles must be in good shape to keep the face looking young.

PDO face lifting treatments are in vogue in the face rejuvenation industry to increase blood circulation. The idea is to raise the amount of blood going through a particular face area. The blood is then sucked in and circulated to the face area.

PDO threads are known as a way to rejuvenate the face. It’s an advanced technique that can change the appearance of the face for an extended period. The procedure involves a unique facelift made from a particular piece of plastic.

A PDO thread lift does precisely this. It is a long-lasting procedure that is performed to correct facial wrinkles. It is considered the most efficient way to improve the appearance of wrinkles, particularly around the eyes. A plastic surgeon usually performs PDO thread lifts.

The PDO procedures include the application of fillers, oils, plasters, and other substances to the skin. PDO treatments are most common in patients with some degree of facial asymmetry and are generally successful in restoring the patient’s face to its original smooth contour.

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What is a PDO thread?

PDO stands for Polydioxanone. It is a medical-grade thread made of a synthetic polymer. It is made up of protein, and it is thinner than hair. It is used by surgeons to join two or more pieces of skin to one another.

They are also used to attach various layers of skin to one another, including the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, and muscle. PDOs are commonly used to close a wound, such as a surgical incision, or to treat skin defects like scarring, wrinkling, or keloids.

Mono thread

Mono threads are kinds of PDO threads that are inserted in the subdermal layer of the skin. It is used to increase collagen production in the skin.

Mono threads are minimally invasive as they are smooth and do not contain any barbs. It is a single PDO filament. Mono threads are inserted onto the top layer of the skin to obtain tightening effects. These threads help in activating collagen. It usually treats facial wrinkles, neck sagginess and forehead lines.

Cog threads

Unlike mono threads, cog threads contain barbs. It extends to attach to the underside of the skin. Also, like mono threads, it does not stop with face tightening but also works for face lifting. Cog threads work to promote collagen around the thread and barbs.

Cog thread can be used in combination with mono threads. It is helpful to maintain skin structures that are already firm and smooth. It is usually used for achieving a slimmer face, eyebrow thread lift and nose thread lift.

Screw thread

A screw thread helps push against the skin, tissue, muscle, or another remote part of the body to create a hole in the skin. It is a threaded component inserted through the hole to fasten the plastic. When the plastic is tightened, the thread is forced into the plastic, creating a permanent bond tightening and lifting the skin. To obtain the non-surgical V shape face, a screw thread is the most preferred among the PDO thread lift treatments.

Finally, the increasing use of facelift treatments is now a recognised medical procedure. This practice is a relatively safe and more effective alternative to the more traditional Botox treatments used to treat wrinkles. PDO facelift treatments are among the most common cosmetic procedures performed in Australia today.

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