There’s a growing desire for preschool franchises in Ahmedabad, with numerous entrepreneurs delving into the Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Ahmedabad to shape promising futures for children.

But worry not! We’ve taken the hassle out of your hands. We’ve meticulously curated the top five preschool franchises in Ahmedabad, considering factors such as setup convenience, post-sales assistance, profitability, features, and curriculum quality.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare provides educational programs for children aged 9 months or more. Their mission is to “discover the genius in each child” within an atmosphere of safety and nurturing care that fosters development as an individual.

Footprints utilizes the HighScope research-based curriculum to foster children’s independence and initiative, and offers parents with various support systems for successful child rearing; including its proven business model and expert franchisee support.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare was created with the intent to foster holistic development of kids through healthy learning spaces, transparent daily operations, and dedicated safety infrastructure – while adhering to an anti-junk food policy within learning spaces.

Footprints’ franchise opportunity is an attractive one for entrepreneurs looking to invest in India’s growing education sector. The company provides comprehensive support systems, state-of-the-art facilities and an established business model. Furthermore, it has a established brand recognition that lends credibility and legitimacy to your venture.

Little Millennium Preschool

Investment in a preschool franchise is an effective way to make a significant impactful contribution toward shaping children’s futures. Franchise businesses offer many advantages over standalone operations, including access to an established brand name and business model; training programs for staff; marketing support to attract parents; as well as help finding suitable locations that satisfy local zoning requirements.

Little Millennium Preschools, promoted by India’s premier educational company Educomp, has quickly become a highly successful chain of preschools. Focused on providing the highest possible care and education to children, their curriculum is created by an experienced team. To foster an ideal learning environment.

Shemrock Playschool was established in 1989 and is renowned for its engaging, child-centric system of education. The global chain is promoted by the Arora family – an elite collective of educationists boasting more than one century of collective industry experience. Their educational programs aim to foster creativity while simultaneously developing children’s cognitive, emotional, physical, social and moral capabilities.

Starting a preschool franchise typically requires an initial investment of INR 5 lakh. A franchise fee, payable once only, grants you permission to use their brand, business model and support services. Total investments may differ depending on size and location; research the market to understand competition before investing. Once invested, be prepared to commit hardwork towards fulfilling its vision.


EuroKids believes that children are gifts from God that must be nurtured with care, so the company has established educational centers across India with the purpose of providing an enriching environment for young ones. EuroKids currently has an established franchise network in India and is seeking new franchise partners in order to grow its operations further.

Franchisees receive all of the operational support needed, including an extensive training program designed to get them up and running smoothly. In addition, the company supplies in-school equipment and various teaching aids; plus curriculum CDs, welcome, readiness, theme kits, daily teacher plans for programs, as well as other resources are made available to them.

EuroKids stands as an industry leader in preschool education and offers an attractive franchise opportunity for anyone interested in opening a profitable and rewarding business venture. EuroKids aims to foster an environment which fosters both educational and fun experiences for kids while protecting them safely, and has quickly become one of India’s five pre-school franchise opportunities.

EuroKids team boasts extensive expertise in preschool education, which gives them an understanding of what makes a great business and how to excel within it. Furthermore, their focus on making learning fun allows children to become well-rounded individuals. In order to open a franchise location yourself you will require at least 1500 square feet of space as well as comply with all local regulations; franchisees will receive guidance from EuroKids head office on opening and running their centre successfully.

Bachpan Play School

Bachpan Play School is an esteemed preschool franchise offering comprehensive education-related services for children. Their curriculum addresses social, cognitive, emotional and linguistic development of each child while offering creative activities designed to nurture creativity and foster self-confidence in them. Thus allowing for the development of an extensive learning foundation that prepares them for a bright future.

Bachpan Preschool Franchise in India stands out for its innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge teaching tools, such as Speak-O-Kit, Robotime, Virtual Reality and Smart Classes – making them top picks among parents seeking the best educational experience for their child’s development. It offers Speak-O-Kit for one, Robotime for three, Virtual Reality four and Smart Classes as examples of technological breakthroughs used for student instruction – making Bachpan an attractive option among many parents looking for effective development for their young ones.

Bachpan franchisees benefit from receiving full corporate support from the brand to ensure their success, including marketing, advertising, technical, recruitment services and training for both franchisees and teachers – helping ensure that students receive top quality education which fosters well-rounded adulthood.

Bachpan preschool franchise offers an exceptional business model and low initial investment cost, making it ideal for investors looking for safe returns. Furthermore, its business model makes working from home possible while maintaining an ideal work-life balance – especially since preschools operate during the day and allow people time for other entrepreneurial pursuits.


Kidzee Preschool Franchise provides many advantages to entrepreneurs looking to enter the education sector. With low investment costs and excellent returns on investments, Kidzee provides an ideal choice for starting up in this business area. Furthermore, Kidzee offers extensive training and support to new owners so they can get off on the right foot quickly.

Early education is critical for children’s wellbeing, and preschools play an essential part. By creating a nurturing environment for these youngsters to learn in, preschools help build cognitive, social, and emotional capabilities that last a lifetime.

Selecting the ideal preschool can be daunting, so it’s wise to do your research prior to making a decision. With many schools available and so many personal preferences and budget constraints to take into account when making this important choice for your child’s development, some of your top choices could include:

No matter your preferred teaching approach or technology integration needs, Ahmedabad’s top five preschools will meet them all and give your child a solid educational foundation for life.

Kidzee, an international preschool chain renowned in India for over two decades, focuses on cultivating future leaders while inspiring children’s curiosity for learning early in life. Boasting over 1900 branches across India and being named Asia’s Franchisor of the Year multiple times; their holistic approach to education aims to develop children’s cognitive, social, and emotional skills while nurturing children into life-long learners.

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