Door handles are as important as the door itself. A door is useless unless and until it can be opened and accessed. This can be done with ease using handles as a grip. Kitchen handles in Australia help to open doors and cupboards in the kitchen. They come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. One has to choose from the following options so that the handle fits perfectly in the kitchen.

Kitchen handles in Australia.

The Australian kitchen industry is divided into 3 sectors: furniture manufacturing, cabinet designing, and upholstery manufacturing and designing. Kitchen handles come under the upholstery manufacturing and designing sector. As of 2021, the upholstery sector contributed 14% of the income from the kitchen industry in Australia.

Types of handles

You don’t have to worry about the handles being too big or too fancy for the cupboards. You can choose from the following to open and close the cabinets with ease.

1)Lever-Rose types

Compact and straightforward to use, the lever-on rose design is best suited for simple and contemporary settings in Australia. They consist of a tiny backplate and a metal bar mounted vertically. The choice of round or square backplates makes it easy to alter the appearance of a room.

2)A ever-equipped backplate

For instance, the broad vertical slats used to lock the lever demonstrate how a door handle can easily hide blemishes and scratches from outdated hardware, making it an excellent option for renovation projects in Australia. The greater size makes it a great choice for houses with multiple generations because it gives users more grip when using it.

3)Bathroom door handles

Bathroom hand grips have a lock mechanism that securely closes rooms to unauthorised visitors for increased privacy. Particularly useful for creating private areas where baths and other personal activities could be undertaken.

4)Pulling handles

Larger entrances sometimes employ pull designs to spread the weight over a larger surface area, making them simpler to open and close. The primary, robust design is simple and clean, making it an excellent option for business or public use.

Location of the handles in Australia.

The sort you choose will be significantly influenced by where your handles are located. For instance, exterior door knobs must be weatherproof to resist the outdoors. They must also be safe and adhere to industry standards to prevent unauthorised access.


Installing handles for many doorways will take less time if you use specialised grip packs. These contain practical installation aids like latch separators, facilitating quick and precise fastening placement.

Latchable packs

Latch packages are beneficial for refitting a whole entryway because they include all the components for a consistent, secure fit. At work, it can reduce costs and save time. In particular, for high areas or corporate settings, choosing a model of Guarantee Handles that can survive regular use is essential. Most brands provide a 10-year guarantee on their line of handles for maximum peace of mind in Australia.

Choose the perfect design according to your kitchen interiors.


Because they integrate period details, traditional fixtures are ideal for homes with a classic feel. Combine with antique metal finishes for added appeal.

Contemporary/modern designs

Modern kitchen interiors frequently have handles with simple geometric pattern designs. They also work well for adding architectural interest to industrial design cupboards.

Victorian design

Victorian designs are flashy, drawing inspiration from the era of riches, and are a striking focal point for any gateway. This design, available in rich hues like brass, is an easy way to give a place a polished look. It is beneficial in kitchens as they do not accumulate grime very easily.

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