The inability to become pregnant due to any disease, genetic problem, or disorder is surrogacy, according to specialists. Due to this advanced technology, more than 12 million babies are born through this process. There are different types of surrogacy that make it possible for couples to have a baby through this advanced technology. Here we will briefly discuss surrogacy, uterine transplantation, and the significant reasons for surrogacy and you can know this and some other leihmutterschaft information.

Reasons for Surrogacy

Many circumstances led people to surrogacy. Surrogacy is considered a significant growth factor in all men and women.

  • Men who have sperm problems or if infected by any disease.
  • Anyone who has lost their organ during an accident or any surgery.
  • Women who led to abortion many times or numerous surgeries.
  • Stress, depression, anxiety, or other heart diseases lead to death.
  • Death of any close ones and to recall memory desires to have a child.
  • Any injury or loss of any organ due to which women cannot give birth.

Alternative of Surrogacy

Uterine transplantation is considered an alternative to surrogacy. If someone does not want a child to be born through surrogacy or follows a religion that strictly prohibits surrogacy, there is an effective alternative to having a child without surrogacy. Uterine transplantation is a surgical operation in which an organ is transplanted into a woman but only with her close ones like sisters, fathers, or mothers because it must match the blood group and tissue types. Here we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of uterine transplantation.


  • Women can carry a child in their bump for 9 months and give birth.
  • Women can get pregnant naturally or through IVF.
  • Only having contact with narrow people.


  • It is a risky process, and doctors are also unsure whether it will work out. It is challenging for both the donor and the acceptor to have an experimental operation without having surety.
  • In some cases, during an operation, the uterus must be removed after the birth.
  • Taking medicines during pregnancy affects the development of a child.

Agency or Clinic for Surrogacy

Childless couples contact such agencies, which provide them with data regarding surrogate mothers and egg donors. They recommend clinics and offer complete meditation for the whole process. Many clinics are there which directly deal with customers, and some clinics sell only through agencies.

Employees of the agency are experienced and understand the problems of the couples and suggest the best clinics to cure their issues. Agency offers several clinics wherever couples choose to go. The clinics do not take any interested agencies and only pay them their required IVF amount. Agency and clinic employees both are responsible for taking care of the surrogate mother and donors and offer complete meditation. Surrogacy is risky because no one is sure about the results. Experienced doctors are required in this type of operation to make it successful.  People wonder before visiting such clinics or agencies because it is hard to trust anyone in such cases and try to select the best for them. Agency having all documents certified by the government can be trustworthy to take help. The older the agency will be more experienced and reliable and satisfy customers. Have some data regarding the surrogate mothers and have high-technology machines. These are some factors through which a couple can identify and select the best agency or clinic.


The above information is related to surrogacy. Factors of surrogacy and the advantages and disadvantages of this modern technology make people aware. I hope you gain some knowledge regarding surrogacy through this article.

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