Dremio Raises $135M From Sapphire Ventures

Dremio 135m sapphire 1bwiggersventurebeat, a cloud-based telephony platform, has raised $135M from Sapphire Ventures, a new round of venture capital. The company has weathered the financial storm since launching in March. In the past year, the company has added 60 employees and grown its customer base to over 100 companies and 75,000 users. The series D funding was led by Sapphire Ventures with participation from existing investors. This funding brings the total to $247 million raised by the company.

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Dremio raises $135M Series D led by Sapphire Ventures

Cloud data lake storage and analysis company Dremio has raised $135 million in Series D funding. The funding is the latest in a series of funding rounds for the company, which was founded in Santa Clara, Calif. last year. Its new funding will be used for R+D, customer education, and open source initiatives.

Dremio 135m sapphire 1bwiggersventurebeat makes a data lake platform that runs in the cloud via Hadoop clusters and Kubernetes. The company offers subscription pricing based on the number of nodes. It supports Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL databases. It is also compatible with Amazon S3 and other cloud storage providers. It also leverages Apache Arrow data structure, which speeds up data processing by a factor of 1,000.

Dremio uses AI to analyze and curate data. The company has raised $135 million to expand its engineering team and customer support. Sapphire Ventures served as lead investor. The company plans to expand its engineering centers internationally. The new funding will allow Dremio to expand its product line.

Dremio was founded in 2015 by two MapR veterans. Their mission is to enable companies with large storage volumes to analyze and interpret data without the need for proprietary systems. Its software also eliminates the need for data scientists. The software integrates with popular business intelligence tools.

Dremio weathered the storm

Dremio 135m sapphire 1bwiggersventurebeat, a startup that helps enterprises manage their data, has raised a fresh tranche of $30 million from investors led by Insight Partners. The company reported annual recurring revenue growth of about 3.5 times last year. The company was founded by two former MapR employees. They have a team of about 100 people and contribute to technologies like Gandiva, Parquet, and Calcite. The company has a total of $115 million raised to date, including a $30 million series B in 2018.

The startup’s tools help companies manage and curate large amounts of data. Its new funding round will accelerate its go-to-market and engineering operations. The funding will help Dremio continue to expand its capabilities as well as its database management platform. The company aims to benefit businesses looking to connect their data, which can be unwieldy and slow to query.

Dremio’s product is a cloud-based telephony platform

The company’s product combines a cloud-based telephony system with a business-class call center. It has a list of customers that span four continents and a broad range of industries. Among them are Samsung, Rakuten, and Goldman Sachs. In addition, Dremio has raised more than $400 million from investors.

The company’s management team includes former executives from companies like MapR and Hortonworks. Their team also has members with experience in open source technologies and SQL databases. The Dremio team also takes the time to listen to customer feedback, review wish lists, and observe how their customers use the product.

The company’s product, the Dremio Cloud, is currently available in limited beta. You can sign up for an invitation to test the platform. The service is GA-caliber, but has been in beta for some time. It’s currently available on the AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds, and Google Cloud will join the list later this year.

Dremio’s cloud-based telephony platform supports single sign-on. With this feature, companies can define who can access what data in the cloud. In addition, it is compatible with various identity providers such as Azure Active Directory and Okta. Moreover, this product supports zero-trust security policies.

The product also offers a lot of flexibility. With Dremio 135m sapphire 1bwiggersventurebeat, users can set up different reflections to cater to different scenarios. For example, they can have different filters and levels of date/time roll-up. A single reflection can cover multiple scenarios. Moreover, the query optimizer will use the least expensive query.

The company offers a comprehensive data catalog to help users find the data they need. The catalog includes physical datasets and virtual datasets derived from physical datasets. It also provides details of the data’s source, transformation, and lineage.

Dremio’s platform combines open source technology, self-service access, and heterogeneous data sources. Consequently, it allows organizations to extend their BI capabilities beyond the traditional RDBMS. Additionally, it is compatible with several NoSQL databases.

Dremio 135m sapphire 1bwiggersventurebeat has two products in its portfolio: Dremio Sonar and Dremio Arctic. The two products are packaged together as a unified platform for business users and are offered as a managed service. The two products can be used independently or together, and are free to use. Both products come with data masking and security features.

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