Do you live in Sydney and plan to build your house or renovate your old bathroom? Are you thinking of furnishing it with a stylish yet functional bath? Here’s a brief guide on what you’ll need to know when purchasing baths in Sydney.

The Baths Sydney Culture

Sydney is considered one of the most liveable but expensive cities globally. In Sydney, baths are popular utilities that adorn almost every home as they often signify luxury and comfort. Encouraged by technological advances, Sydney also became a home to intricately designed baths varying in different functions.

Now, you might truly be considering purchasing one as the baths Sydney style calls for it. So here’s a brief guide on the things you need to consider.

  1. Function

Know how you would like to use your bath.

Would you like to bath and shower in it at the same time? Would you like to fully soak and relax while drinking your wine? Would you want it to have some other elaborate functions like underwater lighting and a whirlpool?

It is imperative to know how you would like your bath to function. Just bear in mind that the more functions it performs, the more expensive it could be.

  1. Space

Consider how much space you could dedicate for your bath. Consider how you will move and clean. There are many styles and sizes available in Sydney. In addition, you should also take note of your door and hallways because a bath that may fit your bathroom could not even get past your doorway.

  1. Materials and Weight

Baths in Sydney could be made of various materials. However, there is one important thing to consider, weight.

Will your house be able to support the weight of the bath? Some materials are heavy, and it only gets heavier when filled with water.

Baths could be plastics, steel, cast iron, ceramic, cast polymer, and proprietary composites. Plastics are noticeably cheaper and lighter. Baths made with steel are durable and heat faster, while those made of composites could be expensive but offers many stylish designs.

  1. Common Types

You should also be familiar with the common bath types used by many residents in Sydney.

Freestanding Baths – These are baths separate from the wall, but they would often require a large bathroom to make it easier to clean around them.

Corner Baths – These baths are for corner installation. They can be expensive as they are usually larger to accommodate a person.

Clawfoot Baths – These baths have a classic and antique look. They are often purchased to match a sophisticated and classic theme of a bathroom.

Built-In Baths – These baths offer flexibility when it comes to customization. They are fitted within three walls and are ideal for tub deck installations.

Shower Baths – These baths are wider towards one end, giving you more space for showering. They are ideal if you want to save space.

Walk-In Baths – These baths feature a door and safety handle, great for people with mobility issues.


There are many bath options available to choose from, ranging from different functions and sizes. However, no matter how much the Sydney culture calls for it, the best and most important consideration would always be your budget. So you must explore your options and choose a bath that truly matches your needs.

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