Braces are the most commonly used way to fix crooked teeth. Compared to other teeth alignment options, braces are the first choice for dentists and patients alike. We will discuss metal and ceramic braces’ qualities, merits, and demerits.

1. Ceramic Braces

These types of braces are fabricated from polycrystalline alumina. They are a viable option for fixing your teeth, and with the pros and cons listed below, you can decide if they are for you or not.


  • Appearance

The main reason why many people prefer having ceramic braces is that they are less visible. The material can either be colored to match your teeth or remain clear. If you want to have braces and are self-conscious about people asking questions, ceramic braces will be a fantastic fit. You can color them, making them a fun and great fit even for kids.

  • Results

Ceramic braces are an excellent alternative to clear aligners. These two options are relatively popular because they are more conspicuous and thus preferred by most people. However, ceramic braces take about thirty-six months to work, while aligners take up to a year. This makes clear braces a much better option.

  • Imaging Tests

There must be as few disruptions as possible when imaging tests are being done to get accurate results. The absence of metal in ceramic braces means that they do not interfere with signals produced in most imaging machines. A reputable dentist will have more information on the correlations between ceramic braces and imaging machines.


  • Durability

The material used for ceramic braces is not as strong as metal braces and is more susceptible to fractures.

  • Size

Ceramic braces are made of plastic and thus need to be significantly larger to get the job done effectively. This is because the material is not as strong. The problem with large braces is that it is hard to clean them properly, which exposes you to gum diseases.

  • Cost

Ceramic braces are substantially more expensive than metal braces. The cost has lessened the popularity of this type of brace. These ceramic braces are prone to staining, which makes them unsightly and thus will cost you more to replace them.

2. Metal Braces

Metal braces have been the longest used material for fixing crooked teeth. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of metal braces.


  • Strong

When you look for an Invisalign near me, you will notice that the most used tooth correction material is metal. This is because titanium or stainless steel are used to make brackets for metal braces bonded by a strong glue.

  • Affordability

Metal braces are pretty priced and accessible to most people, making them the best choice. Unless there is an infection, metal braces do not require much treatment after the installation compared to ceramic braces. It is also much easier to maintain good oral hygiene for metal braces than the other alternatives.


  • Aesthetics

It is evident that metal braces are more visible, which may attract some unwarranted questions that may make the wearer uncomfortable. The emotional turmoil and lack of confidence in social scenes are concerning for most people. This is a big reason why some people will shy away from getting metal braces even when needed.

  • Mouth Illnesses

Having metal braces may not be the best option because of gum and mouth illnesses. If the patient does not brush regularly and thoroughly, there is a significant chance of cavities. This is not only a health risk but also quite unsightly because it manifests as white residues on the teeth. The metal in the braces can also scratch the inside of your mouth, leading to painful sores. There is also a limit of foods that you can eat with braces more so if they can get stuck in the brackets.

  • Tightening

For the metal braces to work effectively, the dentist must keep adjusting them to keep them taut. This process is necessary but is also uncomfortable and sore for the patient. You will have the required information from the dentist before committing to getting metal braces.

The information given above on the pros and cons of getting either metal or ceramic braces will help you make a good decision. Having braces can begin an extraordinary journey to beautifully aligned teeth and a more confident self.

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