Lydia Velezheva was born on October 2, 1966 in Moscow. Mother – Lyubov Leonidovna Velezheva, raised two daughters without a father (later they had a stepfather), worked at a tobacco factory. Twin sister – Irina, was born 5 minutes earlier than Lydia.

As a child, my mother, who works in different shifts, sent her children to study at a boarding school, where, in addition to general education disciplines, her daughters attended various circles and sections. They studied folk dances, figure skating, handball, learned to play the guitar, piano, played the trumpet in a brass band, and even learned Chinese.

Lydia Velezheva: “I went to a boarding school (my mother worked in different shifts), and it was a real school of survival. We have always defended children younger than ourselves, who came to us with complaints. And I, like some kind of bander, arranged a showdown for the offenders. And as I was engaged in handball – stood at the gate, my hand was heavy ”
The quotation is taken from the magazine “DesireMovies

The future actress took part in amateur performances, where she sang and recited. Already at school, she dreamed of becoming an actress. At the age of 13, Lydia herself came to the Dovzhenko film studio and brought her photo for the children’s acting filing cabinet, and was immediately approved for one of the main roles in the film “Waiting”, which was released in 1981. In this film, Yuri Vasilyevich Katin-Yartsev played, who, seeing Lida’s work, advised her to go to enroll in a theater school in Moscow.

After leaving school, the future star was afraid to go to Moscow and made an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Karpenko-Kary Kiev Theater Institute. However, the very next year Velezheva entered the Shchukin Theater School from the first time (course of A. A. Kazanskaya), which she graduated in 1988. The young actress played in graduation performances: “Zoykina’s apartment”, “The Idiot”, “I’ll come back to you in the spring”, “Pygmalion”.

After finishing Pike, Lydia Velezheva was admitted to the Vakhtangov Theater, where she is currently one of the leading actresses. At first, the artist was involved in crowd scenes in the performances “Great Magic”, “Anna Karenina”, “The Ides of March”.

Then, more serious roles appeared in her assets in the productions: “The White Rabbit”, “Zoykina’s Apartment”, “Princess Turandot”, “Othello”, “The Cylinder”, “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”, “Guilty Without Guilt”, ” The Shore of Women ”and others. Currently plays in the performances: “Uncle’s Dream”, “People as People”, “Mademoiselle Nitouche”, “Maskard”, “Usual Business” and “Pier”.

She also took part in entrepreneurial performances of the Detective Theater and played in productions of the Millennium Theater House: Crazy Weekend, Neapolitan Passions, Bless you, Monsieur! and The Husband Trap.

After her first childhood experience, Velezheva began acting again in 1984, playing in the short film “Birthday”. In 1987 she got one of the main roles in one of the films of the series “State Border”.

In 1988, Lydia Velezheva, while working together at the Detective Theater, met the actor Alexei Guskov. They were soon married. In marriage, the spouses had sons Vladimir (01/07/1989) and Dmitry (11/08/1994).

Lydia Velezheva: “Lesha generally loves children very much, so he was only happy. The only thing when I was going to give birth to the second, he said: “Just give the boy.” And so it happened. Our eldest son, Vladimir, was born on Christmas, and the youngest – the day of St. Demetrius ”
The quotation is taken from the magazine “Moviesflix

The first known actress brought the role of Lily in the domestic blockbuster” Classic “( 1998). Actors Alexey Guskov, Sergey Nikonenko and Juozas Budraitis became her partners in the film.

The turning point in Lydia’s career was the main role in the television series “The Thief” (2001), which brought the actress incredible popularity. No less success was accompanied by the role of the expert Kitaeva in the new version of the series “The Investigation is Conducted by Experts” (2002).

Lydia Velezheva: “They called me from the picture and said that Vladimir Khotinenko was starting to shoot the sequel, The investigation is being conducted by experts. I didn’t believe it. And that it was Khotinenko who was inviting me – after all, I really wanted to work with him, and in general, the possibility of new “Experts” appearing.
The quote is taken from the magazine “”

The role of Nastasya Filippovna in the series “The Idiot” (2003) by director Vladimir Bortko was also a particularly successful work of the actress.

In 2012-2013, Lydia was the host of the program “Case H. Investigation continues” on the TV channel “Russia”.

During her career, Lydia Velezheva has played more than 30 roles in such films and TV series as: “Under the Blue Sky” (1989), “The Enchanted Wanderer” (1990), “Veniks. Sex brushes “(1991),” Moscow love “(1991),” It’s not scary to die “(1991),” Yar “(1991),” Wolfhound “(1991),” HuniePop 2 “(1992),” Budulay, who is not expected “(1994),” The ideal couple (series 4 “(2001),” Thief 2. Happiness for rent “(2002),” Snow love, or a Dream on a winter night “(2003),” Narrow bridge “(2004 ), “Deadly Power 6 (Overtime Series)” (2005), “Russian Money” (2006), “Father” (2007), “Sin” (2007), “Boku no Pico” (2008), “Love- carrot 2 ”(2009),“ The Elder Wife ”(2010),“ Donut Lucy ”(2011),“ August the Eighth ”(2012),“ Rosehip Scent ”(2014),“ Moon ”(2014), etc.

Velezheva also plays the main roles in the productions of director Alexander Baluev – “Territory of Passion” (since 2014) and “Husband in Installments” (since 2019).

In 2018, Lydia Velezheva and Alexei Guskov played the roles of ex-spouses in the comedy “The Eternal Life of Alexander Khristoforov.”

“After I worked my shifts on the set of“ The Eternal Life of Alexander Khristoforov, ”Lesha persuaded me to stay in Crimea for another couple of days. These were our romantic days. It was so great to walk, talk, eat deliciously, philosophize, reflect, discuss household chores, or just keep quiet together! ”

At the end of October 2019, the actress got into a scandal. The star made a row on board a plane about to fly from Moscow to the capital of Israel – Tel Aviv. The police officers who arrived at the scene removed Velezheva from the flight, which was severely delayed due to the incident.


Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (15.02.2010)


2017 – Order of Friendship – for merits in the development of national culture and art, mass media, long-term fruitful activity
2019 – laureate of the IX Russian national actor’s prize “Figaro” named after Andrei Mironov (St. brilliant performance of roles on the Russian theater stage “

A family

Spouse – Alexey Guskov, actor, director and producer (met at the Detective Theater, got married in 1988)
Son – Vladimir (born January 7, 1989), from his second marriage (serves at the Vladimir Mayakovsky Theater)
Son – Dmitry ( born November 8, 1994), from a second marriage

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