Ludo always brings a rush of nostalgia when played with your family and friends. People from the 90s and the early 21st century are accustomed to the craze for board games, especially Ludo. The obsession with Ludo was surreal, and people in the 21st century have embraced the amazingness of this game with a newfound love and passion. The sweet memories of fighting over the snacks and playing Ludo and shouting while someone had smashed your pawn were surreal. With technology taking over the world, we have drifted away from these memories to playing online.

Online Ludo has revived the old fun and togetherness on the flip slide while bringing people close and happy in the nostalgic vibes. This article will take you on a thoughtful journey with a revamp with other attractive features.

Maximum Players

Gone are the days when only 4 people could play the Ludo. The board game was restricted to four players, and you could play with other people. It used to be difficult when you had a group of more than 4 friends, and some of you had to wait until the game was over and others could join. However, the online Ludo allows 6 people to join and play together and have a gala. You can connect with your friends through a secret code and create a room and play. It doesn’t matter whether you and your friends are sitting across the room or in another country; online Ludo has made it possible for everyone to play from anywhere. You can download Ludo game and play it on your phone or even on your PC.

Easy-to-Use Interface

People are more inclined towards applications that are easy to use and don’t give users a tough time. A better user interface is what drives more people to play Ludo online. Many applications have some premium features that add to the players’ excitement. A vibrant look and thrilling music are what every user wants when playing a game of suspense, drama, and thrill.


The online Ludo apps have lots of features to be explored by the users. Moreover, many applications have quirky themes to make them exciting and adventurous. You can access themes like Jungle Safari, Nature, Stones, and much more and enjoy the thrill of the game. Depending upon your choice of theme, the whole user interface will change. The dice, pawns, and board will also change to match the theme and give you an unbelievably fantastic experience.

Multiple Languages

The language barrier is no more a hurdle that will come your way while playing Ludo online. Playing Ludo is not complicated; however, choosing multiple languages allows users to understand the game’s instructions and play with maximum enjoyment. Those instructions will come in handy for someone playing the game for the first time. Moreover, the game pops messages now and then so that a beginner doesn’t feel stuck. However, the game wouldn’t give you tips on which pawn you should move, so there’s no scope of cheating too!


The timer is a new addition in online Ludo where the players have to roll the dice within the given time, or they would miss their chance. Moreover, the players will receive a limited number of moves to score maximum points, and the game finishes when the timer stops at 00:00. Ludo will reward every player

with 1 point, and the first to finish the game wins 56 points. The player who is rewarded with maximum points will win the game.

Rewards & Coins

People who believe playing Ludo online isn’t rewarding at all would be surprised to know that online Ludo will reward you with coins and other rewards to showcase in your circle. You can use the coins to play with more people and earn more coins altogether. The online game also can watch YouTube videos and gain coins and use them to play online with strangers or with your friends. When you are rewarded with diamonds, you can unlock new and exclusive themes and enjoy the games with a visually aesthetic and appealing interface.

Add Buddies

Online Ludo has emerged as an amazing platform that brings people together. You can chat with your friends and share emoticons to express your thrill and excitement. There are phrases like “Play fast!”, “I won!”, “Better luck next time” and other default phrases that will allow you to express yourself and enjoy the game. You can even add strangers as your buddies and play with them later. The interface of online Ludo is built to protect your privacy, and you can keep your picture hidden and choose whom you want to add as buddies and whom you don’t.

Multiple Rolls

Ludo has been revolutionized, and the dream of many of us to roll the dice twice has come true. Yes, you can roll the dice three times whenever you don’t get a number of your choice. Your friends wouldn’t even know that you have rolled the dice more than once. However, you have to instantly choose whether you want to roll the dice again or not.

The unpredictability of Ludo makes it the king of all games. The thrill, suspense, and jaw-dropping twists make it unique and exciting for every player. Online Ludo has revamped the nostalgic board game that used to end up when someone would turn the board because he had lost. Those days have passed, and now the loser has to sulk in his bubble as online Ludo leaves no room for cheating. Online Ludo has brought the nostalgic days together and given us a rush of sweet memories and unending laughter.

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