If you have experienced mastectomy as a breast cancer survivor, then breast reconstruction can be a great consideration for you. DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedure promises to offer high-quality life to breast cancer survivors.

The abdominal DIEP flap is utilized for breast reconstruction and offers you the same quality of life as that of a woman without breast cancer. There are several different methods for breast implant. But DIEP breast reconstruction is by far, the most efficient one to exist.

In this method, the nerves, skin and blood vessels are removed from the lower abdomen. This piece of tissue is transferred to the chest, where the blood circulation is then restored. Breast reconstruction is an extremely intricate process as the blood vessels of this tissue are connected with the vessels of your breast to regenerate the circulation. 

The main goal of this procedure is to replace the damaged nerve tissues with healthier ones. It brings back the required sensitivity to the chest and certifies that the survivor feels comfortable with the breast regeneration. The surgeons ensure that the appearance of the breast is as natural as possible to help the cancer survivors feel better. 

Benefits of DIEP Flap Reconstruction:

There have been quite a lot of speculations about DIEP flap reconstruction. Many women assume that they are not fit for this procedure too. However, it is best to discuss your situation with your doctor. 

DIEP flap breast reconstruction has evolved largely over time. It has improved in the past years and till date, it has helped several patients. Here are some potential benefits of this procedure:

  • It helps you achieve the best, natural breast appearance, similar to the one before your surgery. 
  • The process is 100% natural as the patient’s own body tissue is being used in the method. There are no synthetic elements added to the human chest. 
  • Only skin and fat is utilized in the reconstruction and no underlying muscle is compromised.

But before you plan to get reconstruction done, you must discuss the details with your doctor. It is not important to opt for any type of breast implant. It all comes down to personal preferences. Moreover, just like a water heater repair expert will understand the HVAC system and its requirements; a doctor will determine whether the reconstruction process is good for you or not.

DIEP Flap breast reconstruction requires a good amount of time for recovery as well. You have to refrain from all types of physical activities and exertion for at least 5-6 weeks. Doctors do encourage their patients to walk but not exert a lot. Recovery if dependent on the donor site and not the entire breast. Thus, the time does differ from patient to patient. 


The DIEP flap breast reconstruction is a wonderful procedure for breast cancer survivors who wish to get the feel and quality of an actual breast back. However, it is not essential. And your doctor will determine whether it is suitable for you or not.

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