After budgeting your bathroom remodelling, you’re looking for ideas to accommodate your economical budget and elevate your bathroom space. You’re specifically looking at attractive vanities as they entice first whenever an individual enters the bathroom.

You’re looking for ideas to remodel your bathroom with cheap bathroom vanities. You’re at the right place!

Around 1 in 3 homeowners in Australia wish to renovate their houses. Hence, some of the most popular ideas for remodelling houses have reemerged.

In this post, you will find some innovative ideas to make your bathroom look chic with affordable bathroom vanities.

Asymmetrical Vanity

Sometimes, you can buy the best designs and still not attract enough attention to the furniture or the home décor. How about tweaking the placements of them instead? That’s right. You can asymmetrically place your vanities.

Despite the designs being standard, if you asymmetrically place the vanity, you will surely turn some eyes to your vanity.

Besides, the asymmetrical vanity can also open up the room for plumbing. If there is a leak, you will be able to spot it immediately.

Expert tip: To entice, you can use a contrast of colours of the asymmetrical vanity.

Vintage-Style Vanity

Indeed, a lack of space or budget does not indicate a lack of style. So, you can choose a vintage-style vanity and give your bathroom a rustic touch.

You would have gone for a sauna or spa, and the bathroom with the wooden vanity and furniture would have given such a comfortable feel. You can derive the same comfort by adding a vintage look to it.

A vintage vanity can be made of wood, unpolished, and in its raw textures.

Expert tip: As a vintage look requires you to use wood, make sure your vanity is far from the water sources or decreases its life. Alternatively, you can use water-resistant paint or polish to protect the vanity from moisture.

Simple-Designed Vanity

You would never find a clean and straightforward design go out of fashion. Instead, a simple and clean design is always welcomed! Many individuals find it easier to maintain a simple structure over a flashy one or one with several accessories.

Moreover, you can find this kind of design almost everywhere – the availability of simple vanity is never an issue.

You can choose a basic colour, white, beige, mint green, or pastel pink. The design should be minimal, and the handles should be sturdy for the durability of the vanity. Voila! You’re all set to show off your simple and clean vanity.

Expert Tip: A clean and straightforward design needs a little illumination. Thus, wisely choosing the lights will show off the simple design and the cleanliness more closely.

Modern Floating Design Vanity

As the use of the minimalism concept hails, you would want to incorporate it in your bathroom too. You will also observe, minimalism is a dear friend of economical décor! Hence, you can adopt minimalism by designing your vanity in a modern floating way.

Most vanities can float! This means you only need to fix a vanity against a wall. The advantage of this design is easy cleaning.

Expert tip: With the use of a modern floating vanity design, you can go wild with the shape of the vanity. Make it a triangle, with curved edges or a circular one. Your vanity is sure to look chic.


With any budget, you can change the look of your bathroom by tweaking a few elements. In addition, you can make use of the materials available and the ideas that may have been considered cliché but yet remain the most popular.

You can ornament your bathroom vanity and elevate the space instantly. Voila! Your bathroom is ready.

Use these ideas for remodelling your bathroom. Alternatively, you can check out online stores, such as Bathroom factory warehouse, for stylish and cheap bathroom vanities.

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