Hello, everyone. We will learn how to speak in a jam session. Now, just a minute is a great tool to help improve your managing, convincing and your overall general speaking skills.

So, by the end of this blog, you would have learned how jam session topics can actually aid in improving three skills for you. One, your ability to organize your thought flow, two, your ability to apply logic and sound convincing. Three your general speaking skills. Now, most recruiters use Jam as their first run to screen candidates. You’re familiar with the famous question, right?

Tell me about yourself. That in itself is a jam question. It tests your confidence level and your communication skills. How do we master what strategies do we apply to sound effective in just a minute? The mantra is structure.

Follow a distinctive flow. All you’re doing is applying acquired knowledge and recollecting experiences that you are familiar with. Let’s take an example. Jam topic. Let’s say your jam topic is vehicle pollution.

So I want you to mentally start creating subcategories for that given topic. Now, the first category can be what is the primary source of vehicle pollution? The second category can be what are the ill effects of vehicle pollution? The third category can talk about personal contribution as a consumer to reduce vehicle pollution. So what you need to do is now just expand on those subcategories and make your speech sound more effective and convincing for that 1 minute.

Let’s do that right away. So, we have the first category. So what do you think is the primary source of vacuum pollution? I would say emissions from the tailpipes of cars and trucks. Okay, what are the ill effects?

That’s your second category, right. What is the ill effects of regular pollution? Well, it could be reduced lung capacity, chronic illnesses. Basically, it weakens your body’s defences against respiratory infections, posing a threat to young children and asthmatics, sometimes even leading to cancer. And then we move on to our third category, which is what is the personal contribution as a consumer that you and I can take to reduce vehicle pollution, carpool, mass transit, bike it or walk it.

Right. When you kind of avoid high speed driving and avoid frequently starting and stopping your vehicle, it kind of reduces both fuel and pollutant emissions. So, see what you’ve done here. You’ve just taken acquired knowledge and experience that you’re familiar with and mentally created subcategories on the given topic to expand and speak for 1 minute. So, I’m positive.

When you learn to organize your thought flow, your responses sound more meaningful, logical, and effective. So, remember this and that’s all we have for this blog.

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