If you are setting up a new factory or opening a new trade company, it is crucial to focus on employee clothing. Doing so will help spread the word about your brand, induce much-needed uniformity in the workplace, and keep the workers safe.

Many Australian brands have been championing the workwear industry for over 25 years now. On websites such as FXD, from FXD work pants to boots, you can find a range of stylish products suitable for your organisation.

Before moving ahead and finalising the deal with a clothing supplier, you must confirm a few factors. Keep reading to know more!

What is Your Budget?

Before beginning the process, you must contact your financial department and see how much money you can spare for uniforms. Once you relay the information to the supplier, you should be able to find out if the workwear falls under your budget or not. If not, you can ask for a product breakdown from the supplying company and see what items you can afford.

How Safe is Work Clothing?

One of the significant reasons to invest in specialised workwear is the safety it provides. If the uniform cannot prevent minor accidents on site, the purpose of the uniform is not met. Therefore, confirm beforehand if the garments can protect your workers from heat, dust, smoke, fire, etc.

Do you Want Customised Logos?

If brand recognition is one of your reasons behind investing in work clothing, you can ask the supplier to embroider customised art or logos. Based on the type of fabric, you can also opt for different methods like printing, vinyl transfer, heat seals, etc. Before selecting the final option, enquire about the logo’s final appearance or how long it will last after multiple washes.

How Durable is the Garment?

Replacing uniforms regularly is not something most companies can afford. Therefore, it is better to invest in high-quality, durable fabric material from the beginning itself. Cheap workwear can also jeopardise the safety of your employees. For example, a helmet might break into multiple pieces if some sharp object falls on a construction site.

Will Your Employees Prefer a Stylish Uniform?

Did you know 12% of men only applied for a job if the employer provided a stylish, good-looking uniform? Needless to say, style is one of the quotients you need to focus on while finalising the workwear. Instead of opting for one-size-fits-all, you can allow the employees to customise their FXD pants or shirts. Doing so will also help increase the comfort factor in the team.

Will you need to Re-order?

If your company is constantly growing and you are planning to hire more employees, you will inevitably require more uniforms soon. Confirm with the supplier beforehand if they can meet your requirements and offer you a discount for repeated orders or not.

Wrapping Up

When working in field sectors like manufacturing, construction, mechanics, plumbing, etc., it is vital to focus on worker safety first and foremost. Having a fixed uniform for your employees will also spread brand awareness.

You can opt for various garments from a well-known Australian company such as FXD, as they have FXD work pants, boots, work shorts, etc.

However, before contacting a clothing supplier and finalising your order, you should confirm various factors like fabric durability, safety, logo printing, and style.

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