There are several benefits to installing a fiberglass pool. These include durability, cost, and chemical inertness. This is the ideal material for families who want a pool without chemicals or worry about bacterial growth. In addition, it is much easier to maintain than other materials. The installation process takes only a day or two, and the fiberglass is easy to clean.

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Installation time

The installation time of a fiberglass pool installation is relatively long. The process begins with obtaining the proper permits and marking the location of existing utilities (both overhead and buried). The finish grade for the pool wall is measured and marked. Next, the excavation area is prepared for the pool. This will take several hours and depends on the equipment used.

Once excavation has begun, the fiberglass pool shell will be delivered. Once the shell has been received, it will need to be lowered into the hole dug for it. The excavation can take a few hours if heavy machinery is used, but most jobs can be completed within a single afternoon.


If you’re looking for a long-lasting pool, a fiberglass one might be right for you. Unlike concrete or vinyl pools, fiberglass pools don’t require regular interior lining or resurfacing. A fiberglass pool’s durability is also dependent on the quality of the material used to make it and the quality of installation. However, most major manufacturers of fiberglass pools use high-quality materials and offer generous warranties.

Although fiberglass pools are popular and relatively easy to install, they can also have a very plain look. An experienced contractor can install brick, stone or tile copings to make them look more stylish. With proper care, a fiberglass pool can last for decades.

Cost of Installation

The cost of a fiberglass pool will depend on many different factors. The cost of the shell of the pool is a big factor, but you should also consider shipping costs. Some pool companies offer flat-rate shipping. You can also add on accessories for an additional fee. While some people prefer to do everything themselves, hiring a construction company will prevent problems later. If you’re planning on installing your own fiberglass pool, be sure to get the correct materials and information about installation costs.

When calculating the cost of a fiberglass pool shell, keep in mind the size of the pool and where it’ll be installed. Also, remember that the cost will vary depending on the features that you choose, such as decking and a heat pump.

Chemically inert surface

Unlike other types of pools, a fiberglass pool’s surface is chemically inert, which helps simplify water maintenance procedures. Because fiberglass is made from resin, it won’t affect the pH balance of the water. The surface is also resistant to acids and oxidizers.

Fiberglass pools also have a high tensile strength, which means they can flex with earth’s movement. They also require very few chemicals to maintain the water balance. Their nonporous surface also makes them ideal for regions with varying temperatures and climates. Another benefit of fiberglass pools is that they are easy to maintain. The chemically inert surface also prevents algae from bonding to the surface, which makes them ideal for regions that have frequent temperature changes.

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