One of the challenging aspects of cancer treatment or chemotherapy is losing hair. After all, hair provides confidence to many and losing hair can be emotionally difficult. But chemotherapy is crucial for cancer patients if they want to reduce symptoms and achieve a long life. And when it comes to the loss of hair, chemo caps or chemo hats are the ultimate solutions to the problem. These caps protect the scalp, provide an appealing look and regulate the body temperature. Also, they are recommended by most oncologists. This article highlights everything you require to know about cancer caps. So, read on!

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What to look for in a chemo cap?

There are many caps available in the market, and it might be challenging to select the best for you. So, if you are shopping online for some hats, you need to keep the following factors in mind.

Consider the seams: One feature overlooked by many is the seams. Soft and minimal seams are usually found on the inside of the hat so that it will fit the wearer’s head comfortably. But what if rough seams are present? It will make the wearer uncomfortable because it can irritate the scalp.

Check for a comfortable and secure fit: While looking for chemo hats, it is essential to consider the fit. Many prefer caps that provide full coverage to the head. With full head coverage, your hat can conceal the loss of your hair. After all, it covers the nape of the neck and the entire hairline, creating a comfortable and secure fit.

Find something fashionable: Apart from providing comfort, a chemo hat needs to make you feel empowered and confident. You can find them in various embellishments and colours when you shop in online stores. You can pick one that matches your taste and preference. You will find so many adorable and attractive hats that can be worn even after the growth of your hair.

What materials are recommended for chemo hats?

When choosing the best fabric, you must consider the climate and occasion of your residence. So, you can continue reading this article to know the recommended materials for chemo hats.

Cotton fabric: Apart from being a natural fibre, cotton fabric is durable and soft. It is used in many hats because of its versatility and breathability. Generally, cancer patients choose cotton hats because they provide better cooling and don’t have odours.

Bamboo fabric: Although it is a lesser-known fabric, bamboo is recommended for chemo caps. After all, this material is silky, soft, durable, and absorbent. Plus, it also comprises antibacterial properties.

Cotton/polyester blend fabric: You will find the cotton and polyester blend chemo hats in different online stores. You can get the best out of both fabrics in this blend. With this fabric blend, you can ensure that the material maintains its shape.

Wool fabric: Wool is utilised in several winter garments. This material is water-resistant and provides exceptional insulation and warmth. It is created from breathable and natural fibres.

Why do chemo patients wear chemo hats?

Radiation and chemotherapy can lead to loss of hair and hair thinning. So, your oncologist might recommend you to wear a chemo hat within four weeks after your cancer treatment begins. It protects your skin and scalp from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Additionally, it can hide hair loss. You can look for customised cancer hats to reduce the impact of hair loss.

Wrapping it up

Chemo caps are the headgear you require while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Apart from protecting against the weather, they provide you with comfort and exude a positive body image by making you feel confident.

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