Graduates of 2023, it is your turn to have fun. If you are like every other student in the world, taking a grad trip might have been at the top of your bucket list for a while. Fiji Schoolies 2023 can make this dream a reality by taking that much-anticipated trip to the Fiji Islands.

No matter how much you want to travel, the difference between vacationing in paradise and a vacation from hell is packing right. Any awaited trip can become a disaster when you reach into your bag for something you need and find that you didn’t pack it. To prevent such mishaps, here is everything apart from the documents you need to ensure you have on you.


You cannot miss this one on your trip, or you will be very sorry. For a place like Fiji, where you will be spending most of your vacation time walking and swimming, regular shoes will not work. Of course, you can pack a pair of walking shoes, but nothing will be as comfortable as strap-on sandals. They could function as walking, water, and reef shoes if you choose right.

Tropical Clothes

This one is easy, and you might have already planned the outfits in your mind. But you still need to ensure that you have light and airy clothes that keep you cool in the sun. Packing something like a sarong is also advised because getting in and out of clothes all the time and doing laundry on your trip is a case of bad planning. Also, look for good-quality sunscreen before you leave because the sun can be harsh in Fiji.

Packing Cubes

You are going on a grad trip to Fiji, and you want to bring a lot of things, but here’s the deal: there is a limit on the baggage that the airline imposes, and there is a limit to the baggage you can carry yourself. Sticking to light packing is the best and use packing cubes to make sure you find whatever you want fast. This also avoids scares like toiletry bag leakage or last-minute hunts for the other shoe.


The carabiner has earned a steady following lately. There is no better way to secure your belongings while travelling than with a carabiner. Lock the zippers of your bag with this clip, and you can prevent pickpocketing incidents at crowded tourist sites. If you have too many things to carry at once, you can secure them in your bag and let them hang freely.

First Aid

While travelling, it would be best to remember that the hygiene practices or food preparation would differ from what you are used to. While gorging on some street food or trying the local tap water for the first time, your system might need to take it better. It would help if you were prepared for such instances. The same goes for allergies, so make sure you have some first aid. Most importantly, keep a bottle of purified water in a flask, so you don’t end up dehydrated.

Summing It Up

Fiji Schoolies 2023 is your chance you have a carefree trip before you start the next phase of your life. While planning your grad trip, if you want the most out of it, this is the right opportunity.

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