No matter if it’s time for work or just something special for yourself, coffee is a necessity. And don’t think for one second that spending hundreds on quality beverages is the only way to satisfy that caffeine fix! Here’s some amazing deals you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve your caffeine fix!

Explore our list of the best coffee maker under $100 and discover options suitable for any budget and coffee drinker.

1. Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Bodum’s pour-over coffee maker is similar to Chemex models in terms of price but offers much better value. Additionally, its borosilicate glass carafe resists impact damage for maximum reliability. Pour-over coffeemaking is an easy method that lets you craft delectable cups of java without complicated measurements or strength settings – simply play around with different coffee/water ratios and grind sizes until you find something that meets your tastes best!

Bodum’s reusable stainless steel filter is eco-friendly, as it can be reused many times before needing replacement. Using this type of filter allows oils and fine particles to pass through for fuller-bodied brews while its metal mesh may muffle subtle flavors and mouthfeel; when creating pour-overs with fresh coffee beans it’s key that these are used – this way bringing out their true aroma and taste nuances is easier with Bodum! This coffee maker makes perfect for anyone seeking to simplify their brewing process.

2. Braun Brew Sense Coffee Maker

Braun kitchen appliances have long been known for meeting German quality standards, and this drip coffee maker from Braun is no exception, boasting sleek designs with cutting-edge technical features such as 24-hour auto-brew capability and small batch mode for making just one cup at a time. Furthermore, this model comes equipped with bold brew capability which produces rich full-bodied cups of coffee.

This coffeemaker is ideal for people who appreciate delicious drip filter coffee but don’t require elaborate features or extras from their machine. Its compact design fits nicely on any countertop while college students or post-grads settling into their first apartment will find its lightweight structure attractive.

Glass FlavorCarafes reduce air exposure during brewing, maintaining fresh flavors right until it’s time for you to pour a cup. They feature an easy “pause and serve” feature so that single servings are possible without interrupting the cycle, and their cleaning cycle lights up when a descale is required.

3. Hamilton Beach Smart 12-Cup Coffee Maker

If you want a smart coffeemaker without all the fuss of installing apps, this model might be worth your consideration. Featuring an easily visible water reservoir and brew basket on its front panel, setting routines is as simple as is adding water or grounds – even better is its “coffee gauge”, which displays how much coffee there is left – similar to how your car displays fuel gauge information.

This coffee pot holds 12 standard-sized cups, and you can customize brew strength either via voice control or through an app. With its bold brewing feature and rich coffee aromas, the 49350 makes an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts who favor darker cups.

This smart coffeemaker is ideal for people familiar with Alexa and who enjoy smart home devices and may not be suitable for newcomers to these technologies or elderly adults unable to navigate Alexa and its associated apps.

4. Cuisinart Drip Coffee Maker

If you prefer more traditional coffee makers but are on a tight budget, consider this Cuisinart drip coffee maker. It features multiple cup sizes so that you can quickly grab one or set it to wake you up or go to sleep at an appropriate time – plus additional programmable features like auto-shutoff and timer so it suits your schedule perfectly!

This machine stands out with its unique, sleek, Easter egg design that makes it appear more like an Easter egg than a conventional coffee maker. Furthermore, its app-controlled design enables precise control of brewing temperature or strength settings; you can use this model with its backlit LCD and multiple options for changing pot size from cup-up to carafe size. Unlike other automatic drip coffee makers with removable water reservoirs that need refilling frequently at your sink; unlike this one!

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