Scrubs refer to the specific clothing worn by medical professionals. This piece of clothing is an essential requirement for all medical personnel.

The primary purpose of scrubs is to effectively protect the wearer’s skin from coming in direct contact with external contaminants.

Various online platforms such as Elite Care Scrubs offer a wide range of scrubs with different colours, sizes, and prints.

Here are certain qualities that you should be looking out for when purchasing scrubs:

The Fabric

The essence of a good scrub lies in its fabric. The fabric directly contributes to its efficiency in protecting your skin.

The most commonly used fabric is cotton. Some brands may also blend two or more fabrics to create a more durable material.

The fabric used also plays a vital role in enhancing comfort levels. Brands also modify their materials to make their scrubs provide maximum effectiveness and comfort based on the typical weather.


The durability of scrubs refers to their ability to withstand any form of washing, extreme climate, or damage.

Using a durable fabric can help medical professionals perform all their required activities efficiently. The scrubs should be capable of providing them safety from extreme climates such as heavy rainfall.

Washing is another crucial aspect that comes under durability. In case of accumulation of bodily fluids, dirt, or any contaminants on the scrubs, the scrubs’ durability and applicability should not be affected.

The scrubs should be such that they can withstand the pressure applied during any washing process. 

Availability of Pockets

Nurses and doctors have quite a few things to carry around as a part of their job. They need to do this while also keeping their hands free.

Pockets in their scrubs solve this problem. These pockets make it easy for them to carry around their essentials.

These pockets should provide ample space to store pens, stethoscopes, or gloves. Most scrubs offer one to two pockets that greatly benefit the nurses and doctors.

The Right Size

Choosing the right size of scrubs offers comfort and mobility. Medical professionals are required to move around a lot during their work hours.

A comfortable scrub lets them do their job without any trouble. If the scrub is too loose, it could prove to be uncomfortable. 

Hence, finding the right size of scrubs can let medical professionals do their job without worrying about how they look.

Price Range

Most scrubs made of good quality could be more expensive than other scrubs. Many brands also offer deals selling a package of three scrubs together.

These deals are beneficial as they provide backups in case of loss or damage to the other two. 

Getting a good deal would be easy by fixing a budget and deciding the number of scrubs required.


Medical scrubs come in a vast range of colours. These colours can be chosen based on personal preferences or professional requirements. 

Most commonly worn scrubs are light-coloured. It is easier to detect any contamination on these than the dark coloured scrubs. Hence, they are more widely preferred.

Final Words

Various brands worldwide, such as Elite Care Scrubs, are consciously working towards modifying medical scrubs to make them more comfortable and practical for healthcare workers. 

These scrubs offer safety to the healthcare workers while letting them focus on their job.

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