Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to truck manufacturing, so as time changes and modernisation sets in, the technology of the newer model trucks also changes. Thankfully, this technology up-gradation is what makes driving a heavy vehicle and driving alongside it safer every year.

These days, many people are buying trucks for personal and commercial use from various truck sales and auctions across Australia to get the best deals. However, before getting them, it is imperative to check if they have both the “active” and “passive” safety features installed in them. This is essential because these features make it easier to drive a truck and reduce the chances of accidents.

So, this article aims to provide a short informative guide on both types of safety features for those planning to buy new trucks.

What Is Passive Safety?

These safety features are installed in a truck to reduce the impact of an accident by minimising injuries to the occupant and lowering the damage. Besides, it is something that starts functioning just when an accident occurs. For instance, this may include an SRS airbag or a pre-tensioner seat belt that is deployed only when a truck is involved in an accident.

Even though these features are sometimes referred to as “secondary” safety technology, having them installed in a truck is critical for saving lives and preventing injuries. In the meantime, research shows that a UN/ECE R29-compliant vehicle can reduce casualties in truck collisions by 35%.

These types of safety features also include anti-intrusion beams or bars that help protect the occupants from any side impact. And these bars are engineered in a way that allows them to absorb the kinetic energy created from the collision and distribute it to the floor and roof of the vehicle.

Active Safety?

These safety features work actively to prevent an accident so that both the truck’s occupant and the people around can be protected. They are part of the truck’s internal control systems that help in continuously monitoring the driving environment to prevent accidents and keep people safe. Furthermore, these features always stay “active” while driving a truck.

These systems are usually electronic in nature and can be controlled by a computer or a sensor. And active safety systems can include features like:

  • Electronic Stability Control that can detect and reduce loss of traction.
  • Anti-lock Braking Systems that help to steer in emergencies by restoring traction to the tires.
  • Cruise Control System that helps to maintain speed.
  • Hill control that prevents rollbacks on inclined slopes.

Active safety features also encompass advanced driver assistance systems that reduce human error and assist truck drivers in maintaining a safe driving environment. Also, these systems can include images and other sensors that help detect and monitor the movements of vehicles and other objects.

When it comes to a truck’s safety features, the more safety systems are included, the better protected it will be. That is why it is essential to buy trucks from trusted dealers in Australia. As such, purchasing heavy vehicles from truck sales and auctions is a good option because they have a lot of choices available. Moreover, they have experts who run the necessary safety checkups even before they are put up on sale.

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