Once you have sold your car to a car wrecker, do you wonder what happens to it? What do they do with your scrap vehicle? For you, as an owner, it is the end of your relationship with the car. However, the journey does not end there for the vehicle itself.car wreckers Toyota in Brisbane then take off on their duty to wreck the car completely in an environmentally safe manner.

Let’s have a brief insight to what happens.

What is a Car Wrecker?

First things first; what is a car wrecker?

Car wrecking is a service that takes on the responsibility of dismantling your unused and broken car. They can easily look for useful parts that can still be sold out and recycle the items that are impossible to utilize again. This usually includes unusable metal parts like bumpers or other internal parts. Car wreckers do not leave the vehicle to rust. They dispose of it efficiently, ensuring an environmentally friendly procedure.

Which Parts of the Car are Usable?

This really comes down to the condition of your vehicle. However, the most common parts that are examined for their usability or can be recycled as well, are:

  • Mirrors
  • Headlights and blinkers
  • Alloy wheels
  • Engines and engine components
  • Transmission systems
  • Undamaged windshields and windows
  • Seats
  • Exhaust system parts

These parts are usually in fine condition and can be recycled or sold out. On the contrary, other internal materials are usually of no use. It is specifically termed as scrap material and is only wrecked through different methods.

Is Car Wrecking Helpful or Beneficial?

Car wrecking is certainly beneficial for people as it helps them get rid of a vehicle that is absolutely useless for them. However, if you widen your approach, you come to realize that car wrecking is also beneficial for the environment.

Car wrecking helps in steel recycling which is a huge saving element for both natural resources and energy. Recycling steel uses comparatively less energy than creating fresh steel and it is also cheaper. Moreover, car wreckers reduce the huge amount of scrap metal that hits the landfill. Instead, they circulate the metal in a useful manner, contributing to a cleaner environment as well.

Can I get a Good Price for the Car?

Scrap vehicles are usually useless. They won’t get you a good price tag. However, they definitely can help you get a little extra money, depending on their weight and drivability.


Car wrecking wasn’t so popular a few years back. However, with the passage of time, it has grown into a lucrative business as people find it extremely beneficial. With a large number of cars getting junked, car wreckers are the right professionals to look forward to. Through a rightful procedure and expert techniques, car wreckers are certainly the best solution to manage your junk vehicle.

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