Watching movies is a lovely pastime for millions all over the globe. Movies have a way of pulling us away from the harsh realities of the real world and slingshot us to unimaginable fictional worlds filled with excitement, thrill, and pure joy.

But everyone has a unique taste in movies, and only specific genres pique a viewer’s interest. And today, we would like to discuss some exceptional titles that satisfy the hunger for Spanish viewers. So, if you are a Spectrum subscriber and are in search of some exciting Spanish content, then this is the place to be. Let’s get started then.

La Dosis (The Dose)

This movie tells the professional story of two intensive care nurses who work the night shift at a provincial private clinic. The first one is Marcos, portrayed by Carlos Portaluppi, an experienced and professional nurse but with a haunting secret of practicing euthanasia. The second one is Gabriel, portrayed by Ignacio Rogers, a new recruit who uses his charming personality to woo others around him. Marcos soon grows suspicious of Gabriel and must confront him, but that is going to cost him dearly.

Godspeed, Los Polacos! (Godspeed, The Poles!)

This Spanish spectacle tells the story of five university mates who will stop at nothing while fighting for their rights in the Eastern Bloc in Poland. Their fight is further reinforced by their claim of being the first descents of the world’s deepest canyon. Actors blessing the cast in this movie include Piotr Chmielinski, Jacek Bogucki, Zbigniew Bzdak, and several others.

Los Lobos (The Wolves)

Los Lobos is a tale about two young brothers who have had to make the journey of immigrating to the United States. Their lives afterward are spent in a small apartment, waiting for their mother to come back. Their wait, however, is somewhat overpowered by their daydream of going to the magical Disneyworld one day. Actors performing in this movie include Martha Reyes Arias, Maximiliano Nájar Márquez, Leonardo Nájar Márquez, Cici Lau, and a few others.

Dólares De Arena (Sand Dollars)

This drama tells the unique tale of two lovers who come from different backgrounds. Noeli, portrayed by Yanet Mojica, is a struggling young woman who jumps at every opportunity to earn a living. She crosses paths with Anne, portrayed by Geraldine Chaplin, an older European matriarch who has fallen for the young girl. This unusual love story takes the two of them through a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, the likes of which may hardly be seen elsewhere. Other notable figures in the film include Ricardo Ariel Toribio, Bernard Bizel, Maria Gabriella Bonetti, and more.

La Casa Lobo (The Wolf House)

This horror drama revolves around a young woman named Maria (voice by Amalia Kassai) who decides to take refuge in a distant house in southern Chile after successfully escaping a German colony. As if the horrors of the German colony were not enough, she now has to face the terrors that this strange house has to offer. Other actors voicing the characters in this film are Rainer Krause, Karina Hyland, and some others.

La Llorona

La Llorona is a criminal horror story that focuses on the life, death, and the afterlife of Alma, portrayed by María Mercedes Coroy, who was mercilessly killed alongside her children in Guatemala. 30 years later, the General who ordered the attack is found innocent of the crime, which leads to Alma returning to the world of the living and ensuring that the General gets what he deserves. Other notable performers seen in this movie include Sabrina De La Hoz, Margarita Kenéfic, Julio Diaz, and Juan Pablo Olyslager.

La Soledad (Loneliness)

This is a vivid portrayal of the life of a Venezuelan father named José El Negro (portrayed by José Dolores López) who is struggling to save his home from being demolished. This awful news takes José on a journey for the search of gold that is believed to be buried under the mansion grounds. Other actors seen in this spectacle include Adrializ López, Marley Alvillares, and some others.

Les Nôtres

The little town of Sainte-Adeline’s is shaken to its core when a shocking scandal involving a young teenager named Magalie surfaces. Magalie, however, is now firmly determined to set the record straight no matter what the cost. Other prominent actors in this spectacle include Marianne Farley, Judith Baribeau, and Paul Doucet.

The Bottom Line

Now then, these are the most promising titles that Spectrum has to offer for all Spanish viewers. If you haven’t already signed up for Spectrum services, just give a call to the Spectrum customer service team for an instantaneous subscription. Or reach out to Servicio al cliente de Spectrum team if you prefer being tended to in your native language.

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