Preschool franchises are becoming increasingly popular as India advances towards literacy. To ensure children receive top quality early childhood education that will lay a solid foundation for future success and careers.

In this blog article, I have picked 5 best preschool franchise in Pune based on the ease of business, post sales support and profitability

Footprints Preschool and Day Care

Footprints Day Care and Preschool Franchise is an established franchise business model with proven success. Their end-to-end support for setting up centres includes orientation & alignment services, property lease agreement signing services, recruitment & training as well as marketing & launch assistance to ensure an ideal start.

Footprints Academy utilizes a proven curriculum called HighScope to teach its students. This method encourages hands-on learning that fosters critical thinking and character formation. Students learn self-motivated learning strategies so they can keep growing throughout their lives. Footprints emphasizes play as essential component in children’s growth.

This company offers an array of products tailored towards children and their parents, such as educational games and mobile applications. Their aim is to ensure a safe environment while offering teachers comprehensive training and resources. Furthermore, this business encourages emotional intelligence development as well as interpersonal skills development.

Footprints Educational Group’s aim is to offer quality education and childcare to young learners. Their track record speaks for itself and they boast a strong reputation within the franchise community. Their benefits for franchisees include exclusive territories and high returns on investments. For more information about franchising opportunities with Footprints Preschool and DayCare Chain  visit their website or get in touch directly. Footprints’ staff can assist in helping you determine if Footprints fits with your business model.


Eurokids is one of the leading pre-school chains in India and offers various services, such as day care, preschool and academies. They provide children with safe, secure, nurturing environments as well as educational toys and games which teach about their surroundings. Furthermore, Eurokids has developed an in-depth training program for franchise owners and their employees as well as strong brand presence – winning several awards for its quality education services.

This franchise can be found across India in various cities and towns, boasting over 900 preschools at present. Their goal is to change children’s lives for the better while making learning enjoyable and interactive for young minds.

To be considered eligible for a franchise, you must meet three criteria: an enthusiasm for starting an education-based business, financial strength and entrepreneurial flair. Furthermore, you must undergo a comprehensive pre-school operator training program, while remaining committed to their vision of providing high-quality education to children.

Investment requirements for a Euro Kids franchise range between 10 to 15 lakh rupees, which includes the costs associated with setting up and equipping an establishment in a residential area. Furthermore, you will need a minimum 2000 sqft lot. Our head office will provide a detailed ambience manual as well as a team to oversee daily operations of your school.

Bright Toddlers

Bright Toddlers provides daycare and early education services for infants through school-age children, offering cognitive, social, and emotional development as part of its curriculum. Each center is staffed with highly experienced teachers that foster genuine relationships between themselves and the children in their care.

These franchises provide educational and developmental programs designed to foster creativity, confidence and compassion while employing cutting-edge technology tools in childcare and preschool services. Furthermore, their focus includes child safety, health and nutrition for optimal development of well-balanced individuals who recognize diversity.

They offer an exceptional staff who are fully dedicated to both children and parents, along with excellent onsite catering of food cooked right before your eyes, activities such as music, yoga, zubini classes, French lessons, soccer practice and much more! It is an outstanding place for your kid to spend his/her day. I highly recommend sending yours here today.

Child care franchise businesses provide an invaluable service to families. Their services span infant and preschool care, after-school programs, summer camps and more – making them indispensable options for working parents who require childcare during the day as well as encouraging cognitive and emotional development among children so they can become confident, independent learners. They’re the go-to option for parents wanting their kids off on the right track for life – with additional services such as providing business plans and ongoing marketing support provided for franchisees.

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids has built its reputation on innovative teaching methodologies that empower children to realize their inner potential. Their child-centric curriculum and flexible learning methodology meet each student’s individual needs – making it the ideal preschool franchise franchise option for parents who wish to see their child flourish and grow.

Their services offer a comprehensive preschool curriculum and educational enrichment programs designed to foster each child’s creativity, imagination, and sense of wonder. Utilizing research-based methods they create a safe and healthy learning environment while emphasizing social development skills as well as self-regulation. Children flourish best when nurtured by caring adults who support them along their learning journey.

iCan learning system employs an adaptive, fluid learning methodology which emphasizes children’s ability to adapt and learn from their environment. It is designed to prepare students for lifelong learning through developing essential skills and habits of mind necessary for success in an unpredictable future.

iCan curriculums are built around themes in which all learning is integrated, Bloom’s Taxonomy and developmental appropriateness as foundational principles, helping children build strong foundations in math and language while having fun participating in activities. Visual memory training and multisensory learning increase cognitive development; creativity flourishes while social skills progress rapidly – making this franchise school franchise an excellent business investment option.

Hello Kids

Hello Kids is a pre-school chain offering world-class standards of education to children. Their innovative combination of nursery and Montessori methods at reasonable fees attracts students with middle income status. In addition, Hello Kids is ISO 9001-2008 certified so parents trust them.

This brand embraces an innovative philosophy to engage children through entertainment, and this can be seen through their curriculum and performance. Their school uses both traditional teaching methods as well as newer learning styles to educate the young minds of India; using this unique approach enables them to achieve an equivalent standard of education as international schools.

Preschool World India was the first pre-school to offer franchisees no royalty fee model, enabling them to maintain fees that remain affordable for families across India. They provide expert guidance and support from their corporate headquarters as well as having teams of designers, suppliers and workers to quickly help set up franchise schools.

Hello Kids requires a minimum 1000 sqft space and an initial investment of 2.5 to 5 lakh rupees to open a franchise, including an initial franchise fee of 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees plus building and infrastructure expenses. Our head office will provide comprehensive operating manuals as well as support in order to help establish your school.

Petals Preschool

Petals Preschool provides an enjoyable and enriching learning experience, focusing on developing your child’s intellectual intelligence and encouraging their curiosity through outdoor learning journeys, hands-on experiments and discovery time. Their curriculum strives to foster their intellectual development as well as develop their physical development; all while engaging them through playful outdoor experiences. A great choice for parents looking for the highest standard in education and care for their child.

This preschool franchise utilizes the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, designed to foster your child’s holistic development. They pride themselves on outstanding customer service and offering high standards of childcare; their aim is to foster children by providing them with a balance of play and learning so they have an enjoyable childhood experience.

This preschool franchise’s founder boasts more than two decades of experience in education. She believes that providing children with positive childhood experiences is crucial for their later lives, and her team are dedicated to making education successful for each child they serve. Their motto: Each child is special and deserves to grow up in an encouraging and caring environment.

If you’re considering opening a preschool franchise, there are various options and tips available to you to ensure the ideal education experience for your children. By following these suggestions, you can rest assured that they will receive top quality care and education.

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