You must understand what it takes to keep your compressors in good operating condition if you run a commercial refrigeration system. Proper maintenance is essential for any compressor. 

To keep air compressors and motors operating correctly, your refrigeration equipment needs routine maintenance, such as Compressor Overhauls. The four problems listed below can be found and fixed by overhauling the compressor system.

1. Compressor Overhauls Can Fix Inconsistent Air Flow

Unreliable airflow and fluctuating ice machine temperatures are consequences of an incorrectly regulated thermostat. 

You could have a problem with your thermostat if your ice maker only blows out lukewarm air at sporadic periods throughout the day. 

However, if the ice in your ice maker is continually getting warmer or if you’ve observed that your ice’s temperature has been lowering over time, this might indicate a more significant issue with the compressor. 

You will need to overhaul your compressor if it is too old or if excessive use has caused enough damage for it to no longer function properly.

2. Compressor Overhauls Can Fix Oil Leaks

If your compressor is dripping oil, a compressor overhaul can be beneficial. Using an overhaul kit, you can repair your compressor and make sure it stops leaking. When the equipment is applied, all of the machine’s seals are fixed mechanically, preventing further leaks from developing.

3. Overhauls Can Fix A High Vibration

A significant vibration might indicate numerous problems. It usually happens when the compressor is not operating in the RPM range for which it was designed. It can also occur if the engine’s flywheel is out of balance. 

An uneven crankshaft or damaged cylinder walls might also cause a significant vibration. Have your compressors checked for potential issues if you’ve observed that they vibrate more than usual? 

If you ignore vibrations, they might harm more system components and necessitate more expensive repairs.

4. Overhauls Can Fix Faulty Compressor Cycle Time 

Your compressor must maintain the appropriate cycle time during its entire lifespan. This is done to make sure that the cooling towers and chillers are operating correctly and that the system is operating as it should. 

If your compressor cycles more frequently, it will need to operate for longer to get the same results, which might cause the system to degrade quickly. 

It may be time for Compressor Overhauls when you observe an increase in the number of cycles per hour or the time it takes for each process.

5. Enhance Workplace Safety and Quality Conditions 

Additionally, it’s critical to remember that routine air compressor maintenance can increase worker safety. However, a safety risk might still exist even if your air compressor partially fails.

 For example, an unexpected Kemppi Welding Machines failure might be a safety risk since it could cause other gear to break down or stop suddenly. 

If protection is a top priority for your business, you should regularly maintain your air compressors and the rest of your equipment. Additionally, when doing maintenance duties, use all essential caution.

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