Are you trying to sell your car in the capital of NSW Territory? It can be quite difficult to do so in Sydney because you’ve got a lot of competitors. In addition, Sydney is the most densely populated city in Australia. Hence, the 2nd hand car market is chock full of people trying to let go of their vehicles.

However, as tempting as it may be to sell your car online DIY style, working with a car buying service makes a lot more sense. When you sell your car in Sydney with Cars4Us, you get unparalleled service. Remember, you will encounter many hassles and hidden costs when you try to sell the car on your own. Here are the most compelling reasons why you must avoid selling the car by yourself:

Pay Hefty Advertising Expenses

Advertising can eat at your pocketbook. Whether online FB ads or eBay and print like newspapers or magazines, the cost to advertise is exorbitant. Putting up your used car for sale this way will only eat into your potential profits. Besides, just because you posted this advertisement does not guarantee that you can sell your car immediately.

On top of that, you can only run the ad for a limited time frame, usually about two weeks. After, if no one buys the car, you have to pay more advertising fees to keep the ad going. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee to sell your car. Thus, if you are in a bind and need money fast, this can give you a headache.

Deal With People You Don’t Know

Selling your car by yourself means you get to meet potential customers who are virtually strangers. Sadly, it can be very risky when you don’t know who you are dealing with. Sad to say, the world is a very dangerous place right now, so it can be daunting to do a test drive in the confined spaces of a car with someone you don’t trust.

There is no way for you to verify if a potential buyer is indeed a legit customer. However, selling your old car means you have to welcome unknown people into your private space. That’s just how it works because no middle man is doing it for you. Therefore, you must be vigilant and take extra precautions.

Encounter Un-Secure Payment Methods

Again, since you do not know the potential car buyers you are dealing with, it can be quite cumbersome to deal with payment. How do you know the check will not bounce? If they pay in cash, there are horror stories in the news wherein people give fake money. Is it safe to give someone your bank account details for a direct wire transfer? Besides, today, many online scams occur.

As you can see, there are just so many doubts you will face when you sell your car in the 2nd hand car market. If this kind of headache will stress you out, it is better to sell your car in Sydney with Cars4Us. You get the money ASAP without having to deal with this risk.

Eat Up a Lot of Time

When you are attempting to sell your car, you will realize that the inventory in the 2nd hand market doesn’t move fast. It can take several months, from advertising to showing to potential buyers. Before you reach the final sale state, you have to do extra work and show people the car on your personal time. It can eat your precious time off from work.

Unfortunately, time is a limited resource that equates to money. With a very busy life, you should not let your old vehicle impinge on your quality time with family and friends. Dealing with a car buying service is so much easier because someone will take care of everything.

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