If you want to be placed on the top-listing of Amazon’s first page, the PPC campaign is the best option to opt for. With the help of Amazon PPC, whenever your customers search for relevant keywords, you will be able to secure first or second place of the search results for your products, making them outstanding and eye-catching.

Nevertheless, how can you obtain such a good list of relevant keywords? There are tons of Amazon keyword research tools out there, but which is worth the investment?

Check out our top 5 best tools for Amazon keyword research in this article! You will find making an informed decision no longer a challenge.

What To Bear In Mind Before Investing In An Amazon Keyword Research Tool?

As the PPC campaign already empowers sellers to quickly capture their customers’ attention on their products, the only step sellers should do properly is keyword research. This is because if you manage to find the exact keywords your potential customers look for, there is a higher possibility that you will be able to convert potential customers into paid ones.

So, before exploring our top 5, you should understand the three main characteristics of a great Amazon keyword research tool. These include discovery methods, keywords’ diversity, and, last but not least, the metric system.


Discovery refers to the methods you utilized to explore the potentially relevant keywords. For instance, suppose that you already grasp some ideas of your customers’ searching behaviors. In that case, the easiest way to discover new keywords is to put the potential keywords into these tools’ search bars and wait for the related keywords to appear.

Nevertheless, what if you don’t know about those keywords?

Fortunately, several tools are now designed to allow sellers who have little knowledge about their customers to find the top-ranking keywords. For example, you can seek new keywords by inputting your competitors’ URLs or ASINs (Amazon standard identification numbers). With those alternatives, keyword acquisition will require less effort than ever.


The country and region it covers as well as the amount of data it owns demonstrate a tool’s diversity. Imagine when your market is in the U.S and Germany, you should only pay for the keyword research with a rich database of these two countries’ Amazon marketplaces. If it fails to do so, you may probably have well wasted your money.

Hence, double-check the country these research tools cater to in advance so that your investment would be truly worthwhile.


When we talk about metrics, it is about the keyword frequency, traffic, or their usual CPC (cost per click). But, of course, these metrics vary, depending on the tool you utilize.

Consequently, it is recommended that you study these metrics carefully. Useful metrics will help you implement a successful Amazon PPC campaign. Yet, when the information these metrics reflect is not insightful enough, you will fail to execute your advertising plan.

The 3 Ultimate Amazon Keyword Research Tools

While there are tons of research tools out there, here are the three best Amazon keyword research tools that we recommend you to try. They are Keyword Scout, Ahref, and Sonar.

Keyword Scout – The Best Overall

Keyword Scout - The Best Overall

As the son of Jungle Scout, one of the best Amazon seller software and product research, without a doubt, Keyword Scout effortlessly becomes the winner as the best comprehensive Amazon keyword research tool.

Since Keyword Scout manages to crawl their data directly from Amazon advertising data, this would be the tool to go for if you aim to run an Amazon PPC campaign. You just need to enter an ASIN, maybe of your product or your competitor’s product, onto the search bar. After a few seconds, this page will display all the relevant keywords related to the product.

Indeed, if you have a keyword in mind, you can enter that word into the search tools. As a result, you will find not only that keyword information but also the relevant keywords related to your search.

Keyword Scout also presents sellers with volume data per keyword, the keyword trending, and the number of exact match searches for each keyword in the last month. Plus, you will be able to view PPC costs and track ads. These functions are beneficial since they allow you to make data-driven decisions.

Moreover, Keyword Scout is pretty affordable. It will charge you from $39 up to $129 per month, depending on the plan you opt for.

Ahrefs – The Best in Accuracy

Ahrefs - The Best in Accuracy

Ahrefs has already built an inevitable reputation as the top SEO keywords research tool. With over 7 billion of data available, this tool is helpful for both your Amazon PPC campaign and Google Search campaign.

In Ahrefs Keyword Explorer site, you will find a section for Amazon listing. Entering the keyword, you will see the total number of organic searches every month and the percentage of clicks per search. This information is crucial since you may prefer more clickable keywords. You will also find some matching terms with your keywords and their performance.

Yet, the power of Ahrefs does not only lie in its functionality but also in its accuracy. Ahrefs’s system takes the Amazon users’ browsing habits into consideration. Thus, the information you will receive is significantly reliable since it reflects your customers’ behaviors on Amazon.

Furthermore, because Ahrefs possesses data from various countries and marketplaces, you can learn about users’ behaviors in several areas, not only the U.S.

However, Ahrefs is a bit pricy, compared to the other two options, starting at $99 for the basic plan.

Sonar – The Best Free Tool

Sonar - The Best Free Tool

Although Sonar is not as powerful as the two tools mentioned above, this is the best option for beginners. It is easy-to-use and, above all, totally free.

Just enter the keyword or product ASIN, you will receive your keywords’ search volumes and an enormous number of related keywords. Plus, Sonar will suggest to you some frequent words customers look for so that you will be empowered to expand your search.

Since Sonar only utilizes data that derives from the Amazon database, not a third party’s data, all the information you have turns out to be accurate and beneficial.

Unfortunately, Sonar only caters to those in the Amazon US and EU Marketplace. Hence, if your targeted market is not one of those, Sonar is not a choice.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right keywords for your Amazon PPC campaign starts with having the right Amazon keyword research tool. We hope that with our analysis, you will no longer feel confused about this topic.

If you want to explore a bit more about other research tools or learn how to execute a good PPC campaign, you can visit our website for further support and information.

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