Safety is paramount when it comes to safeguarding our homes and belongings. A reliable lock is often the first line of defence. With several brands in the market, Godrej stands out for its reputation and quality. Understanding the Godrej round lock price and features can guide your decision if you search for a robust round lock.  

This article explores ten of Godrej’s best padlocks and round locks suitable for various purposes, including the increasingly popular round lock for bathroom doors.

Godrej Premium Polished Brass (Keyless) Cylindrical Lock

Stylish in appearance and convenient for interconnecting doors, this lock comes with a push button when pressed. It does not allow anyone to enter, delivering the highest order of privacy. The lock can operated with a key from the outside.

Godrej Classic Stainless Steel (Keyless) Cylindrical Lock

Both convenient and attractive, the lock is ideal for privacy-locking needs. The reason is its push-button when pressed, restricts entry from outside and lets you breathe in peace.

Godrej 5808 Stainless Steel 60 mm Cylindrical Lock

This cylindrical lock is mainly used indoors and is made of high-quality stainless steel with an SS finish, preventing unwanted break-ins. With a 32-45 mm thickness, the durable lock comes with a 2-year warranty, in addition to the pack containing a 1N Striker Plate, 6N screws, 1N Latch Bolt Assembly and 3N Keys.

Godrej Classic Keyless Cylindrical Bathroom Lock

Made from high-quality stainless steel SS304 for enhanced strength and durability, this lock is scratch and corrosion-resistant and very easy to install and use. Its easy push-button facility for locking from inside and compatibility with single panel doors with a thickness ranging from 32mm to 45mm makes it popular amongst buyers.

Godrej NAV-Tal Ultra XL+ (Round Lock):

This lock boasts a unique dual-access feature. While its design is traditional, its strength isn’t. It’s often sought after for main doors. When checking the Godrej round lock price, this tends to be on the higher side due to its enhanced features.

Godrej NAV-Tal (Round Lock):

Compact and efficient, this strong brass padlock has six (6) levers for optimum security and is ideal for luggage and home use. Additionally, it is non-corrosive and rust-resistant.

Godrej Freedom 7 Levers (Round Lock):

Ideal for indoor use, this lock is often chosen for bedroom or bathroom doors. Its sleek design is coupled with reliability, balancing aesthetics and functionality.

Godrej 6 Levers Round Padlock for Door with 3 Keys with Steel Finish:

With a 6 lever strong locking mechanism, this round padlock features a shackle lock at both ends with steel bolts. A sturdy body and electroplated shackles give the lock extra strength and toughness, and its rust-resistant nature ensures smooth operation for years.

Godrej Ace Pro & Levers Round Padlock with 3 Keys:

Easy to use, aesthetically appealing, easy to open and tough to break, this round padlock by Godrej comes with 3 steel keys and is good for indoor and outdoor use. Its seven-lever mechanism provides strong safety against cutters, hammers and break-ins.

Godrej Sherlock Padlock:

This durable solid brass lock perfectly suits your locking needs, especially its extra strength and durability. Rust-resistant, the padlock ensures smooth operation indoors and outdoors for many years, as the shackle engages at both ends and provides better security for all your valuables.Its rivetless construction makes it more durable than other riveted padlocks.

Additional Insights on Godrej Round Locks:

Its evolving product line shows Godrej’s commitment to innovation and security. The brand consistently integrates the latest technological advancements into its designs. This fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology is what sets Godrej apart. 

When evaluating the Godrej round lock price, it’s essential to consider longevity. These locks are built to last, ensuring you won’t need frequent replacements. This durability translates into long-term savings and unwavering protection. 

Furthermore, Godrej prioritises user experience. Every detail is meticulously crafted, from the smooth turning of a key to the tactile satisfaction of a secured bolt. Even installation is often straightforward, allowing homeowners to upgrade their security without professional assistance.

Also, in the era of sustainability, Godrej ensures environmentally responsible practices in manufacturing. Thus, choosing Godrej safeguards your home and supports eco-conscious business practices.

Lastly, for those unfamiliar with lock installation or maintenance, Godrej provides accessible customer support. This backup ensures that post-purchase challenges are swiftly addressed, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to its customers. In essence, with Godrej, you invest in a product and a legacy of trust and excellence. 

In Conclusion:

 When it comes to security, compromise isn’t an option. With its legacy and commitment to quality, Godrej offers a diverse range of round locks to cater to different needs. Whether you are specifically searching for a round lock for bathroom doors or broader applications, there’s likely a Godrej lock to match.

Understanding the Godrej round lock price helps ensure you get value for your money. While some locks are more expensive due to advanced features, others offer basic security at an affordable rate. Your choice should align with your requirements and budget. 

In today’s dynamic market, Godrej stands tall as a symbol of trust. Its round locks, in particular, have carved a niche, delivering safety and peace of mind to countless households in India. As you contemplate enhancing the security of your space, considering Godrej might be a prudent choice. Safety, after all, begins at the door.

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